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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cry "Genocide!", then Close Your Ears

The easily provoked and pugnacious anti-diplomat John Bolton, currently serving as US Ambassador to the United Nations, moved to block the reading of a report on Darfur before the UN Security Council by the Secretary General's Special Representative Juan Mendez, claiming that the UN spent too much time on palaver. Bolton told the Security Council that members would be better advised "to take action, instead of more talk" on the deteriorating security situation in Darfur.

In blocking the report, Mr. Bolton paradoxically joined sides with Russia, China and Algeria, who have been resisting sterner UN action on the Darfur crisis, including the imposition of effective sanctions on either the Sudanese government or the Janjaweed militias.

He's dumb as a doorbolt, too! It figures that Bush praises him to the heavens.


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