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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The French React to their Crisis

The fires in Parisian slums have not taught our political leaders a thing, especially the ones on the Right. Discontent has found another way to express itself, no longer suffering and passive but active and rebellious. Mr. Sarkozy and mayors in towns where the UMP [Chirac's party] dominates, refuse the social diversity for which they are responsible. That's morally indefensable. Mr. Sarkozy "stands tall in his boots". Unbelievable! --G.

So this is how second mandate ends for a party which virtually preached social disintegration? If the display of despair and alienation weren't so tragic, I'd laugh.--O

Criticism directed at France concerning the crisis from the New York Times only makes me laugh. We just saw what happened to the poor of Louisiana during the floods there. But rather than giving lessons, France should exercise a little humility. For what should the children of immigrant parents be grateful? For France's having colonized the land of their ancestors, for making their fathers work the mines, dig the ditches and collect the garbage in exchange for a drab life? No surprise that the word, "thank you" is not on their lips.--J.

I am a placement examination preparation instructor. Last year, one of our best students received an unbelievably low grade on a placement exam and now she is shut out from a brilliant career in public administration. She is the daughter of a Moroccan immigrant. So was this bad luck or a conspiracy against her? Should she be angry and bitter? Peers from her community predicted she wouldn't pass. So this is what equal opportunity amounts to?--C.

One thing is for certain and it is that the extreme right will profit from the flare-up of violence. They'll get more votes in the 2006 elections. To stop this from happening, dialog is needed to make the necessary adjustments. The President should step up the the plate. It's not just a matter of programs and projects. He should personally make a clear and solemn appeal to these unemployed and confused young people.--P

It is unacceptable that the President of the République has waited so long to react to the crisis. Was he waiting for it to worsen? This crisis will leave an imprint: a rise in racism, more ghettoization and demonization of the suburbs, even where things have been improvings (e.g. Vaulx-en Velin, scene of the sadly famous Lyon riots of 1980). As a reward, we're headed pell-mell into a Sarkozy-LePen government in 2007. Some perspective!--RD

The explosion in the suburbs is the result of a complex situation of which anything that is said or written, for or against, is partially correct. To the provocations of Nicolas Sarkozy answers youthful stupidity, which is ruining the fragile economic fabric and setting fire the buses that their families ride. Many of who are doing the burning were victims of the system before turning into the little mafiosos who are taking advantage of the situation.--Editorial, Le Monde.