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Thursday, September 09, 2004

9 September 2004 Events in Iraq

A glimpse through the retroscoope at Viet Nam will accompany the timeline. Helps to position oneself in the quagmire.

  • [General] Harkins, in one of his most scandalous moves, altered a map of the countryside prepared by his intelligence team so as to reduce drastically the area shown under enemy control.--David Kaiser, American Tragedy, Belknap Press (Harvard), 2000.

21:56 Baghdad. Allawi announces capture of four Al Qaeda members.

21:21 Tel Afar. 13 hours of bombing. The US bombed the town of Tel Afar for 13 hours, killing 45 and wounding 80.

21:12 Parts Unknown. Al-Zawahri: Rug pulled out from under US war on Iraq. Al Qaeda No. 2 Zawahri asserts on videotape that the US is done for in Iraq. If they stay, they will continue to bleed; if they go, they lose.

20:10 Najaf. Sadr offices searched, Shi'a cooperate. For the first time Iraqi police were permitted to search al Sadr's offices in Najaf.

19:36 Baghdad. Iraq NGO coordinator quits. Jean Dominique Bunel says he quits following a death threat.

18:24 Baghdad. NGO demonstrates against bombing and occuption. The personnel of the NGO, "Airlift for Baghdad", for which the Italian hostages worked, have demonstrated for the end to bombing and occupation.

18:12 London. Scotland Yard investigates 19 UK soldiers for prisoner abuse.

17:58 Cairo. Egyptian cleric pleads for release of hostages. Influential cleric Sheikh Yussef al-Qardawi pleads for release of Italian hostages.

17:47 Beirut. Lebanese Hizbollah calls for release of Italian hostages.

17:15 Madrid. Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero calls on other countries to quit Iraq.

16:30 Tel Afar. US orders residents to evacuate. Last night a US operation killed or wounded dozens of people as town residents were forced to abandon their homes.

16:19 Tel Afar. 28 dead and 70 wounded in US operation.

14:54 Cairo. Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Margherita Boniver travels to Cairo to negotiate for release of Italian hostages. [First stop is always Cairo, never Baghdad--Nur]

14:33 Samarra. US tanks enter Samarra. US forces penetrate Samarra with permission of local authorities while US warplanes surveil the town. Tanks surround provincial government headquarters.

14:18 Abu Ghraib. Explosion near Baghdad prison, 3 dead and 2 wounded. Three Iraqis are dead and two US soldiers wounded in attack on convoy near Abu Ghraib.

12:29 Tel Afar. US offensive in northern Iraq. US warplanes bomb several quarters in the town of Tel Afar, killing 26 and wounding 71.

12:25 Amman. Jordan will not close its Baghdad embassy

11:51 Baghdad. Saddam to be put on trial within 2 months.

11:23 Fallujah. Al-Zarqawi's group says 4 members were killed in US air strikes on Fallujah.

10:10 Fallujah. US air strike kills 12.


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