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Monday, February 21, 2005

February 21 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Horse-trading on the choice of a new Prime Minister resumes after a 48-hour pause for the Shi'ite feast of Ashura. Jawad Maliki, an offcial of the al-Dawa party says that Tomorrow, God willing, a candidate will be selected. We are oriented towards the selection of Ibrahim Jaafari. However, after a meeting with Iyad Allawi, Mr. Jaafari suggested that negotations minght be prolonged. Meanwhile, Ahmed Chelabi has announced yet again that he has received a majority support from UIA. As to the presidency, a Kurdish official says the candidate with the best chance is Jalal Talabani but that the List members have not yet taken a formal decision.

Baghdad. Eight Iraqis, including 6 members of the Iraqi security forces and government officials were killed in a series of attacks north of the capital. Two others are reported missing.

Baquba. Al-Zarqawi lieutenant arrested. Iraqi security forces have announces the arrest of Udaï Abou Firas, suspected of killing a number of Iraqi police. Abu Firas had been enrolled in the army of Saddam Hussein.

Baghdad. $25 million bounty on al-Zarqawi. The US upped the bounty on Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi to $25 million.

22:05 Ramadi, 42 arrests. US Marines arrest 42 alleged insurgents and confiscate arms after setting up checkpoints and conducting house-to-house searches.

21:33 Washington. General Myers, "Rebel attacks number between at least 50 and 60 attacks per day".

20:38 Baghdad. Released Indonesian journalists stopped at Jordanian border. The driver for the released Indonesians journalists say the pair was stopped inside Iraq at the Jordanian frontier because Iraqi authorities had sealed the border.

19:36 Rome. Pier Scolari meets Council President Gianni Letta. Il Manifesto Editor-in-Chief Pier Scolari tells Italian Government Council President Giovanni Letta that the forced departure of Italian reporters may worsen the situation for kidnapped journalist Giuliana Sgrena.

18:30 Rome. Italian Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini suggests a precautional withdrawal of Italian media from Iraq.

18:13 Baghdad. Roadside bomb set by rebels kills three US soldiers and wounds 8.

17:26 Brussels: European Union tells insurgents: Free Giuliana Sgrena and Florence Aubenas immediately.

16:59 Amman. Italian reporters to depart Baghdad. Italian intelligence warns that Italian reporters in Iraqi are in "imminent danger" .

16:54 Rome. La Farnesina Palace tells Italian journalists to leave Iraq. Pasquale Terracciano, Italian government press attaché, tells Italian reporters to leave Baghad.

16:23 Al-Kut. Bearded police officer shoots superior after receiving order to cut his beard. I cannot shave off my beard because it would go against instructions from the Marjaiya, said Zaid Maksussi, in custody after using his Kalaschnikov to shoot his superior.

16:21 Baghdad. Italian press corps quits Iraq. Correspondents for RAI, Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica to leave Baghdad within 48 hours.

15:14 Baghdad. Italian Embassy instructs Italian reporters to leave Iraq.

14:09 Baghdad. Three Iraqis working for US military kidnapped. Islamic Army Terror Brigades kidnap two Iraqis and a Turk working for the US military in northern Iraq.

12:29 Baghdad. US ambulance fired on by insurgents.

11:06 Baghdad. Release of Indonesian journalists confirmed. The Indonesia Foreign Ministry has confirmed release of Indonesian hostages.

09:17 Adhim. Truck driver in military convoy killed. A truck driver delivering supplies to Iraq's security forces was ambushed in Adhim, 50 km north of Baquba. Meanwhile, two civilians were killed by mortar fire directed at government headquarters in Baquba

09:14 Mossul. TV journalist kidnapped. Raeda Wazzan, a reporter for al-Iraqia TV was kidnapped in the Maidan District in downtown Mossul by insurgents together with her 10 year-old son.

09:13 Baghdad. Al Arabiya reports that the kidnapped Indonesian journalists, Meutya Hafid and camraman Budiyanto have been released in Ramadi by their captors.


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What do you think of al-Jafari's elevation? And what do you think Chalabi will engage himself in next (the guy's not about to fade away, is he?)? Then there are the matters of social liberalism, presence of American troops, how the new gov handles the Bush administration, etc. etc. Onward and maybe upward...

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