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Sunday, May 22, 2005

22 May 2005 Events in Iraq

Riyadh. 18 Saudi Ulema, for the most part Salafist, and intellectuals have demanded trial before an Islamic tribunal of those responsible for the profanation of the Koran in Guantanamo in a communiqué by AFP.

Baghdad. Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi announced the execution of US national Neenus Y. Khoshaba.

Baghdad. Moqtada Sadr's movement has announced the start of mediation between Iraqi Shi'a and Sunnis in an effort to resolve the crisis around the murder of clerics from both sides. Meanwhile, governmental spokesman Leith Koubba has asked Sunni leaders to withdraw their opposition to "foreign occupation" and legitimization of the insurgents. .

Baghdad. US forces are to regroup in four new huge bases as they hand over their current bases to Iraqi forces. Permanent structures were be built as well as landing strips. US troops are now scattered over 106 bases in Iraq. The US Defense Department says this "consolidation" does not represent a "permanent military presence."

Baghdad. Iraqi Justice Minister Abdel Hussein Shandal has condemned The Sun's publication of prison photos of Saddam Hussein.

Baghdad. Two Syrians sentenced to life in prison for thier links to guerrillas. Two Syrians arrested during combat in Fallujah last autumn have been sentenced to life in prison Moayyed Mohammed Ali Sabani was convicted by a criminal court for illegal entry into the country and weapons possession. Anas Mohammed Khaled was sentenced for taking part in "terrorist actions" and for weapons possession.

London. British colonel may be prosecuted for war crimes. A regimental colonel may be court martialed for a war crime committed against an Iraq prisoner in 2003. Col Jorge Mendonca, 41, a DSO (Distinguished Service Order) recipient and commander of the Royal Lancashire Regiment, is being investigated by military judicial authorities for his role in the death of Iraqi hotel worker Baha Moussa, who was beaten to death during his detention by British soldiers.

23:51 Tikrit. Two US soldiers are killed in separate incidents in Tikrit and Kirkuk. The first was killed by a carbomb targeting his convoy; the second died in a road accident outside Kirkuk.

21:51 Baghdad. US and Iraqi troops carried out an anti-terrorism operation in the Abu Ghraib district of west Baghdad. Several arrests were made and those detained are undergoing interrogation.

17:45 Damascus. Representative of the principal Palestinian factions including Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad met in Damascus to find a common position regarding the truce with Israel. Hamas has threatened to reconsider its acceptance of the truce after the assassination of two of its members by the Israeli military.

15:22 Kabul. UN condemns United States. The United Nations has issued a harsh condemnation of prisoner abuse and torture inside the US military base in Baagram. The United Nations Special Envoy to Afghanistan, Jean Arnault, has called the methods used "unacceptable" and supported President Karzai in his call for punishment of those involved.

16:38 Baghdad. Nth al Zarqawi lieutenant arrested. Ismail Budair Ibrahim al Obeidi, a suspected terrorist with links to Abu Musab al Zarqawi, was arrested by Iraqi security forces in Baquba on Tuesday.

16:06 Al Kut. 187 suspected rebels have been arrested in Wasit Province near the Iranian border.

16:03 Jerusalem. Laura Bush heckled. First Lady Laura Bush was heckled twice today during a visit to Jerusalem. At the Wailing Wall, a group of Israeli extremists demonstrated for the release of spy Jonathan Pollard, sentenced to life in prison in 1987. Later, the First Lady was heckled by Arab demonstrators shoutng "Death to America."

15:43 Al Kut. Three Ansar al-Sunna militants, 25, 30 and 44, received death sentence from an Iraqi tribunal for murder, rape and kidnapping. This is the first time the death sentence has been handed down under the government of Premier Ibrahim al-Jaafari, who is in favor of the death penalty. The penalty had been frozen by the Americans. The method of execution was not announced.

14:56 Bucharest. Three Romanian hostages and their Iraqi-American guide have been released, says a presidential spokesperson Adriana Saftoiu. Marie Jeanne Ion, reporter for Prima TV, her cameraman Sorin Miscoci and Eduard Ohanesian, correspondant for the newspaper Romania Libera were kidnapped on March 28 in a Baghdad suburb along with their guide Mohamed Munaf, a US-Iraqi businessman. Meanwhile, there is no news concerning the fate of kidnapped French reporter Florence Aubenas and her Iraqi guide, Hussein Hanoun.

14:34 Osh (Kyrgyzstan). Kyrgyzstan denies asylum to more than 500 Uzbek refugees, says presidential representative Almambet Matubraimov. The refugees are living in tents in the border town of Kara Dary.

12:51 Baghdad. Ex-lieutenant of Saddam Hussein released. Iraqi authorities have released Ghazi Hammud al Obeidi.

09:31 Baghdad. Trade Ministry official assassinated. Ali Moussa Salman and his driver were killed by unknown gunmen.

09:15 Geneva. The foreign ministers of France, Britain and Germany have organized a 25 May summit at the Iranian Embassy in Geneva on the nuclear issue.

08:56 Kirkuk. A bomb blast in Oyoun, a village 55 km from Kirkuk, killed one civilian and wounded another.

07:25 Baghdad. Bomb blast in Gzalia quarter kills one and wounds 10. The bomb targeted a joint US-Iraqi convoy. The victims are civilians.

06:41 Kabul. Afghani President Karzai will meet with George W. Bush in Washington tomorrow.


Anonymous Leila said...

Hey Nur-
This is rather OT to Iraq, but a bunch of us flew kites in San Francisco yesterday as part of a worldwide peace event originating in Palestine and Israel. The local paper covered it (and published my picture) today and I thought I'd brag here.

Not as glamourous as your fashion photos, sorry!

10:53 AM  
Blogger Traveller said...

I think I heard something peculiar -- radio on in other room, was half listening. Were Afghan journalists not in attendance at the Karzai-Bush press conference because they'd been told not to leave Afghanistan? Yes. I just found it in the audio file at NPR. They were prohibited from leaving Afghanistan because of fears they might "flee when they got here." I'll do a transcript of that part of the report and post it at my place...

So much for democracy in Afghaniland.

4:26 PM  

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