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Friday, May 06, 2005

6 May 2005 Events in Iraq

Djibouti. US denies Somali terror landing. Fishermen and officials said that two boats carrying 20 marines had landed and handed out photographs before sailing back into the Red Sea. Gen Samuel Helland suggested the reports may have been confused with a training exercise in Djibouti in April. Somaliland's declaration of independence from the rest of Somalia has not been internationally recognised but it has enjoyed relative peace. Meanwhile, Somaliland officials say they have complained about US helicopters entering its territory without permission.

23:40 Paris. Exiled Lebanese General Michel Aoun returns Saturday from exile after 15 years. Aoun has called on Lebanese to "free their minds". There are plenty of pathological symptoms in our society which we must cure. There is political feudalism, which causes stagnation, and we have to eliminate it. [That's fascist talk--Nur]

23:38 New York. Peruvian diplomat Alvaro de Soto was named UN Special Representative for the Israel-Palestin peace process, replacing Norwegian Terje Roed-Larsen.

23:42 Beirut. Bombing in Jounieh district. A bomb killed two and wounded sixteen, the fifth in Lebanon targeting Lebanese Chritians since the assassinatin of Rafik Hariri on February 14th.

23:20 New York. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan will travel to Moscow for the 9 May meeting of the Quartet on the Road Map. Outgoing World Bank President James Wolfensohn and on-site Quartet representative will be present as well as General William Ward, the US coordinator for security.

23:17 Beirut. Lebanese Prime Minister Nagib Miqati says he is ready to cooperate with the international community but that the disarming of Lebanese Hezbollah is an internal matter.

22:51 Suwayrah. Casualty toll adjusted downwards in marketplace bombing. Adjusted total is 26 dead and 45 wounded.

17:53 Suwayrah. Marketplace carbombing. 58 are dead following a suicide bombing in the Mokharad district of Suwayrah, 50 km south of Baghdad. The entire marketplace was devastated.

17:44 Rome. Prodi congratulates Blair but with two reservations: Blair's policy on Iraq and Great Britain's European policy.

17:03 Baghdad. US troops kill insurgent who is said to have attacked a US patrol.

16:15 Baghdad. Three-quarters of Iraqis surveyed want Islam cited as the source of all legislation in the new Iraqi Constitution. The survey of 2,705 Iraqi adults was carried out by the International Republican Institute between 11 and 20 April.

16:16 New York. Manhattan Bridge closed due to bomb scare.

16:15 Amman. Iraqi ambassador returns to Jordanian capital. Iraqi ambassador Ata Abdel Wahab resumed his functions in Amman following the March crisis over the Hilla carbombing.

15:41 Suwayrah: Marketplace carbombing kills 22

15:05 Copenhagen. Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Liberal Partyl) congratulated Tony Blair for his election victory and for his defense of his postions (re: Iraq).

14:36 London. Opposition to Blair's Iraq policy did not succeed in preventing his return to power in yesterday's Parliamentary elections.

11:08 Baghdad. Fourteen bodies discovered. The corpses of 14 executed Iraqis was found in north Baghdad.

08:05 Tikrit. Eight dead and seven wounded. A bomb hidden in a minibus transporting Iraqi security forces detonated at a checkpoint.

07:38 Baghdad. Australian hostage, engineer Douglas Wood, is still alive, says Australian FM Alexander Downer.


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