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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Live SMS and comment thread messages from London via La Repubblica

I saw the bus; there are bodies everywhere. I am 500 meters from the bombed bus. It is not a double-decker; it is a white tourist bus, which is laying on its side, burning, and the windows are blown out. Everyone headed for St. Kane Street.

My office is in front of Swiss Re, 2 minutes from Liverpool Street. Managers have pulled down the shades and some of us continue to work. There are hundreds of policecars on Edgware Road. In Marylebone and on Euston Road, thousands of people are in the street. It looks like a mega pop concent. I went to Russel Square where minor injuries are being treated. I was pushed along, there was chaos. I headed back past St. Paul's Cathedral towards Liverpool Street to get back to the office. There is no looks like the weekend. Some of the banks nearby are being evacuated, helicopters are overhead.

There are troops in Woburn Place. When I left my home in Bloomsbury, I saw helicopters landing in Coram's Fields. They say the troops are looking for someone. Now troops are arriving by the busloads near Guildford Street. I heard gunfire in Woburn Place.


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