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Thursday, August 11, 2005

11 August 2005 Events in Iraq and in the Region

Washington. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announces that the Pentagon will organize a "freedom" march in the streets of Washington to show solidarity with US troops in Iraq.

Washington. US press harshly criticizes Pentagon for the punishment of General Kevin Byrnes for marital infidelity while condoning torture in detention centers run by the US military.

Baghdad. US marine killed by roadside bomb.

Kirkuk. Four officials kidnapped, including a police lieutenant. One official died during the abduction.

Ramallah. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced statements by Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon rejecting any concession concerning massive settler blocks on the West Bank: No one has the right to draw a line through questions which must be settled by negotiation. Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qoreï also critcized Sharon's statements. Palestinian territory in Gaza and on the West Bank constitute a single geographical entity and we will not give up the smallest parcel of these lands.

23:45 Baghdad. US intelligences accuses an Iraqi Foreign Ministry official of being an agent of al-Qaeda. Tarik Hamdi, a US citizen born in Iraq, is accused by a US district court of being an al-Qaeda member, saying that he had provided satellite phone batteries to a front company owned by Osama bin Laden.

23:27 Vienna. Tehran rejects IAEA request. Iranian Foreign Ministry rejects an IAEA request to end uranium enrichment, calling the request "absurd" and "unacceptable".

23:01 Tel-Aviv. 200,000 Israelis mass to protest the Gaza evacuation.

22:42 Baghdad. Abdel Karim Shaïkhali, the brother of Iraqi Secretary of State for Women's Rights Mrs. Azhar Shaïkhali, was slain in a driveby shooting in Kahrama Square in downtown Baghdad.

22:30 Crawford. President George Bush says Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be granted a visa to attend a meeting at the United Nations.

20:04 Ankara. PKK guerrillas attacked a Turkish military convoy in southeastern Turkey near Tunceli killing two Turkish soldiers and wounding four others.

20:03 Beirut. Before being arrested in Lebanon, radical imam Omar Bakri Mohammed appeard on Future TV to say that he has no links to al-Qaeda.

19:32 Crawford. Bush says pulling out US troops from Iraq would be a betrayal of the Iraqi people.

19:29 Gaza. Battle of the flags. The Palestinian Authority and Hamas are preparing to fly their respective flags over evacuated Gaza in a duel for the "hearts and minds" of the Palestinian people.

19:04 Baghdad. Al Qaeda threatens members of the Constitutional drafting committee with assassination.

18:00 New York. Price of light crude per barrel surpasses $66.00 per barrel.

17:32 New York. The UN Security Council has extended the UN mission in Iraq for another year.

14:21 London. Imam Abu Qataba and 10 others have been arrested in London and are expected to be deported.

12:20 Kabul. US forces kill six rebels on the Afghan frontier with Pakisatn. Three US soldiers and an interpreter were wounded in the action.

12:20 Jerusalem. Scuffle among Israeli police cancels Gaza evacuation exercise at Kibbutz Kerem Shalom. The fight started when an Israeli border guard manhandled a female soldier.

11:16 Basrah. A high-ranking Iraqi intelligence official, Lieutenant Colonel Ibrahim Khalil, was shot dead.

11:14 Najaf. Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, head of the political wing SCIRI, joins al-Amiri in demanding an independent state for Iraqi Shi'a. [Trifecta!! Sunnia, Shi'ia and Kurdia!--Nur]

09:59 Najaf. Commander Hadi al-Amiri, leader of the Badr Brigades--the armed wing of SCIRI--has demanded an independent Shi'ite state in southern Iraq.

03:04 Washington. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice named James Jeffrey as the une coordiator for Iraq. Jeffrey replaces Richard Jones, who was named ambassador to Israel.

01:26 Tehran. Sirus Naseri, chief of the Iranian delegation to the IAEA, said it would be a grave miscalculation should the UN Security Council were to take up the Iranian nuclear issue. The Nuclear anti-proliferation treaty, to which Iran is a signatory, permits uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes.


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