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Sunday, September 18, 2005

18 September 2005 Events in Iraq and in the Region

Balad. The bodies of 20 Iraqi security force members have been found in the Tigris River near Balad.

Baghdad. Twelve Iraqis including members of the security forces were killed in attacks in Baghdad.

Al-Asad. A US soldier is killed by a roadside bomb.

Baghdad. The military bureau of Jaïsh Al-Taïfa al-Mansura (Army of the Victorious People) has threatened revenge for US-led operation in Tall Afar.

Baghdad. A car bomb explosion at a busy market in near Baghdad killed at least 30 people and wounded 38.

Karbala. 100 Indian tourists were denied hotel accomodations in Karbala because they were not in possessin of proper visas.

Jerusalem. Israel has increased pressure on Hamas by declaring its opposition to the participation of Hamas in the upcoming Palestinian legislative elections. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has threated to obstruct the organization of elections on the West Bank if Hamas participates.

Gaza. Thousands of members of the armed wing of Hamas assembled in a Gaza stadum waving Kalashinikovs and RPG launchers in a sign of defiance of the Palestinian authority.

Ramallah. Palestinians oppose any effort to disarm militants. In a survey published by an-Najah University in Nablus, only 43.5% of those surveyed approve of Mahmoud Abbas's statement that militants must be disarmed.

Amman. The Islamist opposition in Jordan has warned of a civil war in Iraq and condemned the fatwas issued by Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi ordering revenge on Iraq's Shi'a community.

Gaza. Israel is building a high-tech barrier around the evacutated Gaza strip. The barrier includes five lines of defense: a barbed wire strip, a no-man's land, the old security wall, a patrol road and, last, the high-tech wall with sensors and remote controlled defenses.

Ankara. Ten Israeli warplanes join Turkish forces in the Anatolian Eagle military exercise.

Gaza. Palestinian police under-equipped to handle security in the Gaza Strip.

22:22 Baghdad. Iraqi parliament gives green light to Constitution.

22:11 Guantanamo. 200 prisoners conduct hunger strike.

16:17 Kerbala. Exceptional security has been implemented as the city prepares to welcome thousands of pilgrims to celebrate the birthday of the 12th Imam. All vehicular traffic has been halted.

08:31 Baghdad. Iraqi Kurdish MP Fares Nasser Hussein, his driver and bodyguard were killed in an ambush on his convoy. MP Haider Qassem was wounded. Both MPs were en route to Baghdad to review the Iraqi Constitution. Mr Hussein is the third MP to be killed since elections in January this year.


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