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Friday, September 30, 2005

Renditions: Italian Forensic Police Get the Goods

The kidnapping of Abu Omar off a Milan street by US intelligence agents in February 2003, followed by his extra-legal rendition to Egypt via Aviano AF Base near Pordenone, has led to arrest warrants being issued for 22 Americans by a Milan court.

Computer forensics police have analyzed the hard drive of one of the accused and discovered the name of a American diplomat implicated in the act: Betnie M. Medero-Navedo, former Second Secretary at the US Embassy in Rome.

It seems that the CIA hasn't informed its agents that "deleting" a computer file only removes the pointers to it and that the rest is recoverable if it hasn't been overwritten.

It will be interesting to see if the Italian judicial system is able to resist the interference of the right-wing Justice Minister, Roberto Castelli, who will certainly try to deep-six the probe. He's already attempted to discredit the judges involved.


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