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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Part V: Extraordinary Renditions - Double Jeopardy

Fly By Night, Moroccan Style

Last Friday in Salé, Morocco, five ex-Guantanamo detainees on probation did not show up for their hearing before the Moroccan Antiterrorism Court. A source says they have been arrested by secret police for their links to Salafiya Jihadiya, a Jihadist movement in Morocco.

Abdallah Tabarak, 50, Mohamed Ouzar, 26, Redwan Shekkouri, 33, Mohamed Mazouz 32 and Brahim Benshekroun, 26, have not been seen since Friday. They had been handed over by the US to Morocco in August 2004.

I have a bad feeling about this. Is it possible that the five have been re-kidnapped by the CIA/DoD? The questions in search of answers are:

1) Does the CIA run one or several underground prisons in Morocco?

2) Is it possible that these five individual have been whisked from Morocco and ferried by the CIA to a US-run underground prison elsewhere?

3) Has the USA jettisoned both habeas corpus and protection from double jeopardy?

4) If the five are in a Moroccan secret prison, to what extent does the USA collaborate with Morocco inside those prisons?

5) Within underground prisons in Morocco, are agents of the US government working within them?


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