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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

17 January 2006 Events in Iraq and in the Region

Tehran. Iran calls for renewed negotiations ]with the UE on its nuclear dossier. The Islamic Republic drafted a letter to Germany, France and the UK (European Troika) to inform them of its desire for renewed talks and negotiations. Meanwhile, at a meeting of the UN Security Council in London, China and Russia indicated their hostility to any sanctions contemplated against Iran.

Moscow. French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy arrives on Thursday for an official visit to discuss the Iranian nuclear dossier.

Amman. King Abdallah II of Jordan warned against "emptying Jerusalem of its Arab Christian residents" during a meeting with a delegation of US and European bishops. The King is concerned by the increasing emigration of Arab Christians from the city. The King continued by saying Jordan considers Jerusalem as a city of "hope and peace" for members of the "three great religions". He would like to encourage Christian Arabs to remain in the Holy City to conserve its "authenticity and identity".

Kirkuk. Three members of Jalal Talabani's PUK were shot dead by gunmen claiming to belong to al-Qaeda.

Najaf. The remains of 22 persons killed by the regime of Saddam Hussein were found in proximity to Najaf. The victims were killed during the Shi'ite uprising of 1991.

Basrah. General Abbas al-Moussawi, in charge of Iraq border security along the Shatt-al-Arab, announced that a group of Iraq coast guards were intercepted and taken prisoner by Iranian forces on 14 January. One sailor was gravely wounded and eight others, including an officer, were taken prisoner.

Baghdad. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani demanded increased powers for his office during a press conference.

Baghdad. The Elections Commission tossed out 227 ballot boxes out of a total of 31,500 becauses of fraud.

Baghdad. Following the resignation of Kurdish magistrate Rizkar Mohamed Amin, Judge Saïd al-Hamashi, 54, a Shi'ite Arab, will preside over the trial of Saddam Hussein and his associates pending the appointment of a replacement for Amin. The announcement was made by the Public Prosecutor for the High Penal Court, Jaafari al-Moussawi.

23:26 Baghdad. Kidnappers threaten to kill US journalist Jill Carroll if all female prisoners held in Iraq are not released within 72 hours. Carroll's interpreter was shot dead when the reporter was kidnapped on 7 January.

23:04 Baghdad. A Russian SA-7 surface-to-air missile was used to bring down a US AH-64 Apache helicopter north of Baghdad on Monday.

16:29 Baghdad. Armed men have kidnapped the sisters Asra and Wala Khalil as they were on their way to work at the Interior Ministry where they work as accountants.

11:31 Karbala. Blast wounds five Americans. Satellite TV al-Arabiya reports that five US soldiers and a civilian were injured by a roadside bomb on the highway leading to Baghdad.

10:54 Baghdad. An Iraqi Army officer and his brother, kidnapped two days ago in Baghdad, were found dead.

10:26 Frankfurt. Daimler-Chrysler fires six employees for their involvement in the Oil for Food scandal.

09:11 Baghdad. University instructor slain. A university instructor in Anbar was shot dead behind the wheel of his car. The victim was a noted sheik of the Bufaha Tribe of Ramadi.

08:57 Cairo. Dick Cheney meets with Hosni Mubarak to discuss the situation in Iraq and the concerns of the international community regarding Syria and Iran.

07:45 Basrah. Clash in the Persian Gulf. An Iraqi sailor was killed last Saturday by an Iranian gunboat in the Persian Gulf near Basrah. Basrah Governor Mohammed al Waeli says another nine Iraqi sailors were taken prisoner.


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