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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Buffoon-ion Address

In George W. Bush’s 2005 State of the Union address, he promised ambitious reforms of Social Security, a revolutionized tax code and an improved situation in Iraq. None of last year’s promises were realized and Bush’s popularity continues to plummet. In a Washington report published last week, it is likely that Congress will not renew that Mr. Bush’s tax cuts in 2010. Moreover, US economic growth slowed in the last quarter of 2005; over the last 16 quarters, wages rose by 3.4 percent annually, the lowest rate recorded in the USA’s post-WWII economic expansion.


Blogger Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Sad State of the Rehashed Clichés

In his State of the Union address, President Bush is expected to say that "America is addicted to oil" and must break its dependence on foreign suppliers in unstable parts of the world such as Iraq and Iran, echoing the pet propaganda project of center-left-neo-con-in-chief Thomas Friedman…

It's kind of like the drug pusher on the corner telling you your kids must end their addiction to cocaine while he’s selling them white powder in little plastic bags.

Yeah, let’s “end our addiction to oil” here and now by drilling en masse in the Alaskan Artic wildlife refuge and in the Gulf of Mexico!

Let’s “reduce of dependence on Mohammedan despots” by toppling secular regimes in Baghdad and Jericho, and replacing them by “committed democrats” such as Hamas and the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution!

And, for good measure, let’s “reinforce our civilian nuclear capabilities” for we simply can’t let the turbaned terrorists of Teheran steal the atomic show!

War (abroad) is peace (at home)
Love (of Liberty) is hate (of the Ayyrabs)
Less addiction is more oil
More nuclear plants is sound environmentalism

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then again, Bush is delusional.

11:42 PM  
Blogger Pocho said...

For reason unfathomable, wife decided she'd pretend yet unlearned good Americanism of pre expatriated past and turned it on CNN here. I paid attention just long enough to note the pre speech spots of Cindy Sheehan's arrest which would be in the news around the world next day. With realization I am thankfully no longer a good American, I then picked up the guitar and went in the other room after noting the oh so loyal chicken Democrats standing and applauding rather than shooting the sonovabitch. Exiting to turn off the TV and wake up my wife when American's final cheers subsided, we went to bed in joyous anticipation of today's news ridiculing the man, his nation, and its people.

4:09 AM  

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