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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Golden Mosque Bombing Reprisals

Forty-seven Sunnis were murdered in Baghdad and another six in Abu Dshier, south of the capital.

A woman reporter for al-Arabiya, Atwar Bahjat, was kidnapped and slain in Samara, together with cameraman Adnan Abdallah sound technician Khaled Morsen.

In Baghdad, an imam was kidnapped and 27 Sunni mosques were attacked. One mosque was burned to the ground.

In Karbala, a Sunni mosque was looted.

In Basrah, a muezzin was shot dead as Sunni mosques were targeted by gunfire. Also in Basrah, 10 Egyptian and Saudi prisoners held on charges of terrorism were kidnapped from their jail cells and murdered.

In Nassiriya, the headquarters of the Islamic Party was burned down.


Blogger markfromireland said...

Hi Nur,

I started to write about this horrific, and impeccably executed and timed early yesterday morning - I got a 'phone call - "hit your machine the tombs of the imams in Samarra have been bombed" and I came fully awake with a bang. I spent most of the day reading the frenetic activity on various Islamic activist boards, mostly Shia. Here's s sample of the comments that I've translated.

PS: Link is to my new blog I plan to use it for longer articles and analysis pieces imcluding reference pages. Blogger doesn't offer those facilities so ....

2:03 AM  

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