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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bugs and booze in the lifeboats first!

Homeland Security's database of vulnerable critical infrastructure and key resources included an insect zoo, a bourbon festival, a bean fest and a kangaroo conservation center. They represent examples of key assets identified in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and Maryland.... The Homeland Security assessment of New York this year failed to include Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge or the Statue of Liberty as a national icon or monument.

[Via CNN]


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Blogger's been off-and-on bloggered for at leat much of the afternoon. I have to do a This Week In Blogs column on Thursdays covering about a dozen or so sites (non-political) and several blogspot ones were very slow loading at best.

Of course one of the WordPad places was emitting nothing but *message exceeded error* and blobs of odd typographical symbols, so perhaps it's just somethin' going around. :)

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