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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blair Sleaze Factor

Maybe Tony see's it as routine schmoozing, but it's rather oily. Kissy fests with Murdoch and Schwarzenegger give me the heebie-jeebies. Whew. Where's Old Labour? In any case, there's old Tories saying the right thing. [via BBC]

Former Conservative Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind said it was "either naive or over-simplistic" of the prime minister to say conflicts such as those in Chechnya or Kashmir were part of a "world battle against terror".

"In Chechnya it's not a battle between freedom and terrorism, it's between Russian nationalism and Chechnya nationalism.

"In Kashmir, it's between India and Pakistan and to try and just draw all these threads in and simplify it in a rather foolish way indicates that the prime minister has become totally bereft of original thinking."

He added: "The single greatest triumph of what he (Mr Blair) calls Islamic terrorism has been in Iraq, which is a direct consequence of his own policy and that of George Bush."

I say, old chap, well done!


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