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Friday, August 18, 2006

Drones of honesty

Caught in the act.

The Second Marine Battalion, which, in typical military fashion, destroyed or withheld evidence on the events in Haditha on 24 November has been nailed by a drone with a camera that overflew the scene. Marines claimed they shot Iraqis fleeing the scene of bombing for which they were responsible. Instead, it is likely that passers-by were pulled out of a car and summarily shot. The Marines then went on to break down doors of nearby residences and slaughter the occupants. In their debriefing to brass, they lied their asses off, claiming a military engagement with a foe.

The story of the drone found via the New York Times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The acts of a few besmirch the reputation of many. Even so the ultimate blame lies with Dumbya, Vice, and Rummy that lied us into the War and sent these men into second, third tours, unarmored, undermanned, underequipped, and underled. NeoKon no-goods all three of them.


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