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Friday, September 29, 2006

A Government of Bounty Hunters and Executioners

Does Pakistan have football stadiums? Does Romania?

[via Le Monde]

Hundreds of suspects arrested by Pakistan in the scope of the War on Terror have disappeared, according to a report on human rights by Amnesty International. Those arrested, including children, were tortured and literally sold to the USA by bounty hunters.

The organization can prove the direct complicity of CIA and FBI officials in the wave of disappearances that have swept Pakistan.

More than 85% of Guantanamo prisoners were arrested, not by US forces, but by Afganis and Pakistanis who received up to $5,000 a head. The fact that rewards were paid encouraged arbitrary arrests and disappearances.

Amnesty affirms that suspects were often transferred illegally between Guantanamo and Bagram in Afghanistan, as well as to other secret prisons around the world.

Amnesty International has demanded that Pervez Musharraf -who is meeting with Tony Blair at his country estate- to reveal what has happend to the disappeared.

The report indicates that the persons arrested were held without evidence and upon accusations by those looking for lucre.

300 prisoners held as "killers" and "terrorists" in Guantanamo have been released.


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