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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Update: The Battle for Baghdad

Update: Prison guards spring the nephew of Saddam Hussein.

And another neighborhood falls. From the NY Times:

Bands of armed Shiite militiamen stormed through a neighborhood in north-central Baghdad on Saturday, driving hundreds of Sunni Arabs from their homes.


Angry residents of a village north of Baghdad fired weapons into the air as they buried victims of an American airstrike, Reuters reported. The American military said that the airstrike, on Friday in the village of Jalameda, about 50 miles north of Baghdad, was against militants of Al Qaeda who had fought with troops. The military said 18 men and 2 women were killed. Local officials in the village said there were 17 killed, but that they included 6 women and 5 children.

Hundreds of chanting residents of Jalameda, a predominantly Sunni village, marched through nearby Ishaqi on Saturday firing shots and carrying banners that condemned “mass killing by the occupation forces,” Reuters said.


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