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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Phony War in Somalia: Playing the Al Qaeda card

The United States is conducting a phony war in Somalia against benign Islamists who likely have nothing to do with al-Qaeda. In fact, I understand that the financing sent to the Islamic Courts came from the governments Qatar of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran.

Anyway, the US has deployed the aircraft carrier Eisenhower, which sent out warplanes this morning to bomb the villages of Badel, Bankajira, and Aayo, killing 30 civilians. It also sent out helicopters to strafe the border with Kenya as refugees sought shelter. Yesterday a C-130 strafed a village. I imagine that the US military doesn't even know who it is targeting, but hey, it's getting revenge on Aideed!

Washington has been slammed by Italian Foreign Minister Massimo d'Alema and the EU's spokesperson, Amedeu Altafaj Tardiu.


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