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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The excesses of the Surge

Via L'Orient-Le Jour, with edits

According to Iraqi officials, [inexcusable] US air strikes in Baghdad killed 14 civilians during the night of 5/6 September, an embarrassing incident at a time when US military command is claiming [phantom] success in the pacification [submission] of the country.

Sources in the Iraqi Defense and Interior Ministries reported that US helicopters [manned by baby killers] fired several missiles between 02h00 and 03h00 at the Shi’ite neighborhood of al-Washash, in the majority-Sunni quarter of Mansur in west Baghdad. Fourteen civilians were killed and at least six wounded, according to a local hospital.

“The attack on the residences took place as people slept inside. There was no disturbance and the quarter was calm”, said an unidentified Interior Ministry source to AFP. He underscored that the [contemptible] US operation was aimed at insurgents [yeah, right, the Shi’ites work for the Baa'th Party].

In a [disingenuous] communiqué, US command [falsely] explained that the [repugnant] operation was conducted against [misidentified] extremist Shi’ites who were part of an [alleged] terror cell operating in the al-Washash area of Baghdad”. “Ground units” [jokers] called in a [dis]proportionate air strike against building a [wrongly] identified as the source of light arms fire, continued the communiqué. “Four [apartment] buildings were damaged [completely destroyed]. Two were enemy bastions [an internet café] and two neighboring [residential] buildings were subject to moderate damage [toppled].

One [unlucky] resident, Abu Ali Saad, told [honest news agency] AFP that US units [flying the Jolly Roger] had arrived [as marauders] in the middle of the night. “There were tanks, armored vehicles and numerous troops. The tanks opened fire then helicopters overflew the neighborhood. They fired missiles. Residences were destroyed. A [innocent] family and five children [God love them] were killed [murdered] in that house”, he added, pointing at the ruins. "There was no light arms fire [lying military sons of bitches]. Everyone was fast asleep”, he continued. In the ruins a bloody mattress could be seen and from the body parts strewn about, it was evident that the victim was surprised [butchered] in his sleep. According to neighbors, a six-member family was killed [cut to shreds and incinerated], including a 6 year-old girl. Residents surveyed the extent of the damage and did not bother to hide their rage against the Americans. “They [inhumanely] stopped me from bringing my wounded neighbors to the hospital", said Ammar Assem, "and they fired on my car. I had to turn around." Assam also declared that [war criminal] US troops positioned trucks to block access to the neighborhood by firefighters, who attempted to put out the fires in the homes set ablaze by bombs.

This [tragic and cruel] incident [worthy of the SS] occurs at a critical time for the United States, which enters a period of crucial reports on the surge strategy for Iraq…Iraqi figures show that August was particularly deadly, with nearly 1,800 civilians killed....


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