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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Che Balle!

Cristo, we have the lyingest head of state in the world. Bush today in the United Arab Emirates did what the Italians say is "sparare grosso" (tell a whopper): "Iran finances al-Qaeda". Well, at least Italian Foreign Minister D'Alema has come out and said something: "Bush is unnecessarily scaremongering". Thank you Signor D'Alema!

As Bush is whining about Iranian nuclear power plants while visiting the Arabian Gulf States, Nicholas Sarkozy will be in Saudi Arabia tomorrow. I find it quite extraordinary the both Presidents Sarkozy and Bush will be in the area concurrently. Sarkozy is to said to be selling French nuclear reactors to Abu Dhabi. Back in Paris, Tony Blair was guest of honor at the UMP's (Right-Sarkozy's party) party congress.


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