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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Oil and Gas hit by Hurricane Katrina

Update: Three to six weeks will be needed before the Port of New Orleans can begin functioning again. The port's Executive Director Gary LaGrange said he and other port officials have begun organizing a plan to get the New Orleans port running again.
At least two of the port's five container cranes were damaged. Roofs and walls were damaged and nearly all doors were gone over 4 miles of transit shed facilities. The port stands to lose a huge amount of business, at least temporarily. The port is a major importer of steel, coffee, rubber, plywood and forest products and a major exporter of cotton, yarn and chickens. -- Associated Press

New Orleans is FUBAR and a toxic soup, but the Parish of Saint Bernard is gone and the satellite burg of Slidell has been swept off the map. There should be long and hard thought before rebuilding in that coastal area of the country, which faces continuing weather threats like Katrina.

Off topic, but since oil and natural gas make the world go round, here's the results of Katrina's passage through the Gulf of Mexico.

At least eight Gulf Coast refineries representing 2.3 million b/d of cumulative refining capacity were shut down or had reduced operations, according to company and DOE reports on Aug. 30. Units completely shut down included:

Chevron's 325,000 b/d refinery in Pascagoula, Miss.
Valero Energy Corp 's 260,000 b/d St. Charles refinery in Louisiana.
Motiva Enterprises LLC's 255,000 b/d facility in Convent, La.
Motiva's 242,000 b/d refinery in Norco, La.
ConocoPhillips' 247,000 b/d Alliance refinery.
Marathon Oil Corp.'s 245,000 b/d Garyville, La. refinery.
Chalmette Refining LLC's 187,200 b/d facility.
Murphy Oil Corp.'s Meraux, 125,000 b/d refinery.

Offshore Platforms:

Newfield Exploration Co. said its A production platform at Main Pass 138 was lost in the storm. That facility was producing 1,500 b/d of oil (gross) prior to being shut in before the storm.

Noble Corp. said its semisubmersible Noble Jim Thompson, working for Shell Exploration & Production Co. in Mississippi Canyon Block 935 off Louisiana, broke away from its mooring lines and has moved 17 miles north-northeast from that location..

GlobalSantaFe Corp. reported its GSF Celtic Sea and GSF Development Driller I rigs were listing slightly and that its GSF Arctic I drifted off its original location and was grounded in shallow waters near the mouth of the Mississippi River.

ENSCO Offshore Co.'s ENSCO 7500 semisubmersible was reported adrift.

Royal Dutch Shell PLC's mammoth Mars platform appeared to be potentially the largest Katrina casualty, with aerial photos showing significant damage to the top of the facility that normally churns out 220,000 barrels of crude and 220 million cubic feet of natural gas a day.


Two huge pipelines that ship close to 3 million barrels a day of gasoline, jet fuel, home heating oil and ther products from Texas to New York are shut down:

The Colonial Pipeline, running from Houston to New York, accounting for upwards of 20 percent of gasoline supplies east of the Mississippi was shut down along a stretch of the line running from Houston to Greensboro, N.C., after a power blackout along the Louisiana-Mississippi border knocked out pumping stations.

The Plantation Pipeline running from Baton Rouge to Washington, D.C., has been down since Sunday evening because of power outages.

Also, the Capline pipeline system, which transports crude oil from the Gulf to the Midwest is shut down.

Ports and Facilities

Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, the country's largest oil import terminal, suffered "no apparent catastrophic damage" but it is still without power.

Sabine Pipe Line LLC on Aug. 28 closed the Henry Hub, the central point for natural gas deliveries in Louisiana.

Port Fourchon, a main hub and staging area for thousands of offshore workers is closed.


An accommodation unit owned by Petroleos Mexicanos was undergoing work at a shipyard when it broke free of its moorings during Hurricane Katrina and struck the Cochrane-Africatown USA bridge along US 98 in Mobile County, Ala.

Gasoline and diesel supplies ran out at some wholesale terminals in Arkansas and Tennessee on Tuesday, while rationing was seen in Ohio and South Carolina.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nur have you seen this?

"So much to worry about, so little time.

Here’s a whole other reason to toss and turn at night:

Eighteen percent of the entire nation’s energy supply depends on a deteriorating, narrow two-lane road surrounded by water in South Louisiana.

This is the southernmost stretch of Louisiana Highway 1, providing the only land-based access to Port Fourchon, which supports 75 percent of all the deepwater oil and gas production in the Gulf, according to the LA 1 Coalition, comprised of private and public stakeholders intent on saving and improving the roadway.

The Port also is the site of the booster pumps that carry crude oil from the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) to underground salt dome storage areas in Galliano, along Highway 1.

Even on a good day, water laps close to the edges of this vital strip of concrete roadway, which not so long ago was surrounded by marshland. Besides its crucial role in the country’s energy supply, the highway serves as the hurricane evacuation route for residents in southern Lafourche Parish and Grand Isle, as well as 6,000 offshore oil and gas employees."

You can read the whole thing here:

10:01 AM  
Blogger Nur-al-Cubicle said...

Yes. The word is that gasoline prices will go up by $1 by Sunday.

10:05 AM  
Blogger ziz said...

Valero shares on NYSE went up 10% today (Wed) Alon US who IPO'D 3 weeks ago at $16 went up 12.75 % today $2.25

Alon refine, retail gas, their Bakersville refinery is untouched although they have some problems with retails outlets in AL.

In all this economic gloom, one has to bear in mind that the ESSENTIAL repairs to vital energy supplies, their operators homes etc etc., will be the biggest civil engineering / building / bonanza of all time in the US. The Gubment pork barrel will feed many appetites.

Paid for by Insurance / the Gubment or whomever. The uninsured poor who have lost everything will move on to be poor soemwhere else.

Reg unleaded gas in Indianapolis is posted at $3.69 late today.

9:47 PM  

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