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Friday, September 02, 2005


Bush thinks its a mass suicide, not a national disaster.

A massive oil spill is observed downstream of New Orleans as two storage tanks, each containing 2 million barrels of oil, are losing their contents.

Meanwhile, Laura Bush has a Marie Antoinette moment: All their needs are being met.

Lies and spin continue to spew out of this Adminstration, coupled with the arrogance of refusing help from abroad. Michael Chertoff refused a Canadian DART team (Disaster Assistance) because its members were not vetted...for terrorist connections.

Bush's henchmen and operators continue the denials and are hopelessly relying on charity, which number one, cannot intervene immediately and number two, is palty.

WWL TV is saying the cost of the rescue effort, as insufficient as it is, tops $500 million per day and that the $10 billion supplemental passed by Congress in extremis will run out before the body regularly convenes.

More calamities:

Xavier University spokesperson says 400 students still trapped at the university. One person is already dead.

Patients, staff and their families at Charity Hospital are staying alive by feeding themselves intravenously with saline and glucose. Pets brought along by family members will be euthanized before their owners are evacuated.

No water pressure for firefighting. Residential tower burns near Harrah's Casino.

A flotilla of private boats have been forbidden to enter St. Bernard Parish because of "security concerns." Meanwhile 6,000 people are trapped at an Exxon-Mobil refinery without food and water.

Thousands of rescued persons wait on an I-10 interstate causeway bridge for evacuation by helicopter. [16 per trip]. Meanwhile feces and corpses are stewn about the "camp." No dent is being made in the situation because more rescued arrive as small groups depart. Hundreds of children suffering from exposure to the Gulf Coast sun.

Relief flights donated by commercial airlines began to fly into Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans at a rate of about four an hour, beginning midday Friday. However, navigational aids such as radar and runway lights weren't working.

Professor Ivor van Heerden of LSU said on WWL TV that people infected with water-borne diseases are being evacuated and spread all over Texas and Louisiana. Van Heerden also said that a full-scale exercise was carried out last year with FEMA with the scenario that the levees would be breached. Demands to know why FEMA dropped the ball. He also says that all the offshore petroleum helicopters should have been commandeered on day one.

Caravans of dispossessed are roaming the countryside in their cars begging for food and money.

A bus transporting hurricane survivors from the Superdome to Dallas overturned on the road in Opelousas, Louisiana. One person is dead.

The Forest Service has offered fixed plane aircraft used to fight forest fires to help extinguish blazes in New Orleans, according to two congressional sources. But the sources said the planes, which can pour large amounts of water on fires, remained grounded in Missouri Friday because the Department of Homeland Security hasn’t authorized their use.


Blogger Free iPods said...

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1:06 PM  
Blogger ziz said...

The American can do, appears to have become don't care.

The tales of sheer incompetence and negligence, backed by massive firepower are frightening.

One hopes their will be reckoning, but it is unlikely...I increasingly feel that the city will be abandoned, first by it's poor and then by it's Government.

11:20 PM  
Blogger idyllopus said...

As far as I can tell, Bush hopes for it to appear as a mass suicide rather than believing that it is.

2:48 AM  

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