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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Shorter Nigergate

Editorial opinion in today's Repubblica:

...It is evident that it is not SISMI which is at the crux of this affair. Nicolò Pollari, like CIA Director George Tenet, provided his "boss" with what he wanted: manipulated intelligence. At the crux of this affair are the actions of a government which, four years down the road after the first report on the Made in Rome forgeries (15 October 2001), now denies its role in a travesty which has led to the death of 20 thousand Iraqis, 2,000 American troops and 33 members of Italian contingent in Nassiriya.

This is Nigergate--a political scandal. It is not the work of the hoax-peddling snake oil salemen of the "Italian Job" nor a squabble among institutions (as former minister Francesco Cossiga and the center-Left would have us to believe), nor the misguided initiative of an intelligence agency director....


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