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Saturday, July 08, 2006

SISMI Officers Arrested

Update 2: See Laura Rozen for complete coverage.

UPDATE Sun 9 July: More arrests announced: Northern Italy chief of operations General Gustavo Pignero; former Trieste Station Chief Lorenzo Pillinini; Former Padua Station Chief Marco Iodice; and, Milan Station Chief Maurizio Regondi.

Berlusconi's gone and Prodi & Co. have frogged-marched three high-ranking military intelligence men out of SISMI for having sacrificed their country's sovereignty to the interests of the Bush Administration, the CIA and Michael Ledeen. Under arrest are: former Deputy Director Marco Mancini, Mancini's aide Giuseppe Ciorra, and Pio Pompa, aide to SISMI Director Niccolò Pollari (who, logically, would also involved).

These men are implicated in Nigergate, the assassination of Nicola Calipari and the abduction and "extraordinary rendition" of Abu Omar by the CIA from a Milan sidewalk in broad daylight.

The issue at the top of the heap at the moment is that SISMI brass had testified to Italian Parliament that Italy had nothing to do with the kidnapping of Abu Omar, when the SISMI Vice Director had coordinated the kidnapping with no less than six CIA agents. Issue number two is that SISMI brass tried to frame Premier Romano Prodi after he took office by bribing reporters and editors to publish a story in the newspaper Libero claiming that Prodi had authorized secret CIA prison flights to land in Italy.

Folks, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Italian magistrates are going to crack SISMI wide open and spill all the beans: the assassination beans, the bribery beans, the kidnapping beans, the forgery beans, the black ops beans and the undeniable fact that these men were on the CIA payroll.


Blogger ziz said...

As ever you Italian speaking/reading lady you are on the ball - I have linked to this on the story about the EU Parliament voting overwhelmingly on interim report on redition / CIA etc - including the shady goings on in sun kissed Italy.

Get ready for more Hurricanes !

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