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Friday, February 16, 2007

WANTED in Italy 2

Robert Seldon Lady, ex-CIA station chief in Milan, Jeff Castelli, CIA Director for Italy and another 24 Americans have been indicted in kidnapping of Abu Omar, an Egyptian imam living in Milan. Abu Omar was kidnapped in Viale Jenner (Milan) on February 17, 2003, spirited to the NATO airbase in Vincenza then rendered to Egypt, where he was tortured.

Among the Italian indicted (mostly from military intelligence) are:
1. Former Military Intelligence (SISMI) Chief Nicolò Pollari
2. Former SISMI Chief of Counterespionage Marco Mancini
3. SISMI station chief Raffaele Ditroia
4. SISMI station chief Luciano Di Gregorio
5. Giuseppe Ciorra, former aide to Marco Mancini
6. Pio Pompa, aide to SISMI Director Niccolò Pollari
7. SISMI officer Luciano Seno
8. Carabiniere Special Intelligence Chief Luciano Pironi.

As Juan Cole pointed out a few years ago, SISMI is well known as a proto-Fascist lair, with close connections to Michael Ledeen and Harold Rhode.


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