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A blog on the current crises in the Middle East and news accounts unpublished by the US press. Daily timeline of events in Iraq as collected from stories and dispatches in the French and Italian media: Le Monde (Paris), Il Corriere della Sera (Milan), La Repubblica (Rome), L'Orient-Le Jour (Beirut) and occasionally from El Mundo (Madrid).

Saturday, May 22, 2004

22 May 2004 Events in Iraq

18.20 Baghdad. SADR CITY, USA OFFERS CASH FOR WEAPONS. US has forked out $1.3 million (a trifle) so far for 4000 kalashnikovs, 9000 mortar rounds, 260 rpgs and 2000 grenades.

17.35 Baghdad. MORTAR FIRE HITS DOWNTOWN. Seven mortar rounds hit downtown Baghdad, woulding 2 coalition soldiers and 1 Iraqi.


16.20 Najaf. SADR MILITIA PREPARED TO EVACUATE NAJAF IF USA WITHDRAWS. "We are prepared to end our armed presence if the Occupation forces leave" says a Sadr spokesman to journalist Qais al-Khazali.

16.15 Baghdad. GROUP CLAIMS REPONSIBILITY FOR ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION OF VICE-MINISTER. A group lead by Abu Musad al Zarqawi has claimed reponsibility for an attack on the convoy of Shi'a General Abdel Jabar Youssef al-Shikli.

15.30 Najaf. CLASHES BETWEEN USA AND SADR FORCES. Four Iraqis dead and seven wounded. US tanks attacked with mortars and grenaded. One home destroyed.

13.15 Baghdad. EXPLOSIONS IN CAPITAL. Explosions heard within Green Zone.

12.20 Rome. MARTINO, STATE FUNERAL FOR QUATTROCCHI Italan Defense Minister Antonio Martino wants a state funeral for dead paramilitary contractor.

11.30 Karbala. COLATION AND SADR MILITIA WITHDRAW FROM KARBALA. Sadr spokesman Ali al-Kazali says agreement to be initialed in the afternoon.

09.30 Baghdad. IRAQ VICEMINISTER OF THE INTERIOR IN STABLE CONDITION Abdul-Jabbar Youssef suffered a head wound in the explosion of a car bomb in front of his residence. He is in Al-Kindi hospital. 6 others were wounded. Surrounding cars and homes damaged

08.05 Mahmoudiyah. US SOLDIER KILLED, THREE WOUNDED SOUTH OF BAGHDAD. Suicide car bomber rams vehicle into convoy in al-Mahmoudiyah, 30 km south of Baghdad.


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