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Sunday, September 12, 2004

12 September 2004 Events in Iraq

17:30 Hilla. Three Polish soldiers die in ambush. Three Poles die in ambush near Hilla. Another three were wounded and transported to Karbala Hospital.

17:15 Mossul. Attack on police convoy kills four policemen. Insurgents attacked a police convoy at 4 in the afternoon in an industrial quarter. All died from headwounds.

16:38 Rome. Imposimato: "Ultimatum a threat to be taken seriously". The new ultimatum directed at Italy by Islamic Jihad is a threat "to be taken seriously" says Ferdinando Imposimato, Italy's chief criminal prosecutor.

16:11 Rome. The 'disobbedienti': Everyone into the street to protest the war. The Italian "refusnik" movement, the "Disobediant Citizenry", critical of lethargic Italian efforts to free Italina hostages, calls for a massive national march against the war.

15:50 Social Forum: Into the street to demonstrate for the release of Simona and Simona. Bologna's Social Forum will sponsor a street demonstration tonight at 9 pm.

15:35 Baghdad. Iraqi premier: "3,000 die in terrorist attacks in Iraq". Premier Iyad Allawi claims in a press conference in Basrah that insurgents have killed 3,000 and wounded another 12,000 Iraqis. Allawi did not reference the timeframe of the deaths.

15:23 Hilla. Three National Guard killed, one missing. A roadside bomb near Hilla, south of Baghdad, hit a convoy of Iraqi National Guard and coalition troops.

14:25 Ramadi. Ten dead. Ten people were killed and dozens wounded in Ramadi, 100 km west of Baghdad. Hospital sources says the wounded are women, children and police.

14:00 Balad. Two children die in US airstrike on Balad. US warplanes bomb a village near Balad, 75 km north of Baghdad. Meanwhile near Samarra (125 km north of Baghdad), three civilians were killed and another wounded when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb.

12:44 Baghdad. Iraqi police say investigation encounters snags. Sabah Kadum, Iraqi interior ministry spokesman says investigators working on the kidnapping of Simona Parri and Simona Torretta have not yet been successful in locating the pair.

12:16 Baghdad. Mosque is carbombed, 2 dead. A carbomb exploded outside the Ibn Taymiyah Mosque in west Baghdad. Two Iraqis were killed and 13 wounded. All were Iraqi National Guardsmen.

11:34 Baghdad. Iraqi police free seven hostages. Iraqi police arrest three kidnappers and free seven hostages, all Middle Easterners.

10:53 Baghdad. Al-Zarqawi threatens Iraqi Premier. We will make sure that Allawi gets what he deserves. The Angel of Death awaits the puppet traitor.

10:28 Baghdad, death toll rises to 22. 22 dead and 70 wounded during violent clashes between guerrillas and US troops in downtown Baghdad.

09:50 Baghdad. 17 dead in the capital. 17 insurgeents die in battles with US troops in Baghdad.

09:45 Baghdad.Another carbombing in Baghdad, no deaths or injuries reported. A carbomb exploded a the entrance to the Green Zone.

08:52 Abu Ghraib Carbomb hits Abu Ghraib prison. A carbomb went off at the entrance to Abu Ghraib prison, wounding three.

08:51 Baghdad. Three dead including one child. A carbomb killed a 12 year-old child, a high-ranking police official, and a patrolman in the Amariya quarter in west Baghdad.

08:50 Baghdad. Five dead in Baghdad street battles. Five Iraqis were killed and 45 wounded in Sadr City.

08:49 Baghdad. Bradley burns, crowds celebrate. A Bradley armored vehicle was in flames as a jubilant crowd celebrated. US helicopter fired missiles in parts of Baghdad in the early morning hours.

08:48 Baghdad. Mortar fire was directed at US troops from Sadr City at around 5 am.


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