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Saturday, December 18, 2004

December 18 Events in Iraq

Beirut. Lebanese Head of Parliament wary of destabilization. Nabih Berry fears partition in Lebanon and sees in Iraq an attempt to spread the culture of violence and chaos beyond the Iraqi frontier. Berry warned against dismemberment of the country and voiced suspicion of certain actions by unnamed parties to divide Lebanon.

23:42 Basrah. British soldiers kill Iraqi police captain. British soldiers killed a police captain in southern Iraq and an investigation into the killing has been opened. According to police Lt. Col Karim Zaidi of Basrah, the officer was driving at high speed near a British patrol. The British, fearing a suicide carbomb, panicked and shot him behind the wheel 2 km from Zubair

20:47 Mossul. Iraqi killed by bomb. One Iraqi was killed and eight wounded in Mossul when a roadside bomb targeting a US convoy detonated.

17:59 Daughter of Iraqi ex-President and husband shot; son is kidnapped. The daughter of Abdel Salam Aref and her husband were killed last Monday, and their son was kidnapped. An armed group accused them of working for the Americans.

17:56 Baghdad. Sunnis demand postponement of elections. Adnan Pachachi, leader of the Sunni Independent Democrats Movement, has demanded a postponement of the January elections. We need more time to convince those political groupings who have reservations concerning the elections to participate in the political process, said Pachachi on Iraqi TV.

17:22 Group claims credit in slaying of two US civilians. The "Jihad Brigades" have claimed credit for the killing of two US civilian on 8 December.

16:53 Ramadi. Three dead and two wounded in clashes in Ramadi. Three are dead and two wounded in fighting with US troops west of Baghdad.

16:52 Bologna. Baldoni widow: "For us, the case is not closed." Giusy Bonsignore, widow of executed Italian reporter Enzo Baldoni, says she hopes remains of husband are found and returned to Italy.

16:51 Bin Laden effect on pipeline sabotage. Following an internet message from Osama Bin Laden calling for attacks on oil installations last Thursday, Iraq has seen an escalation in acts of pipeline sabotage. Between yesterday and today, five pipeline were attack: the most damage was noted in Fatha (Kirkuk), Dijla (Samarra) and Daura.

15:56 Beiji. Carbomb wounds four American civilians in Beiji. Four US contractors were wounded in a carbombing this morning in Beij. A car was boobytrapped and detonated remotely. The four are employees of Cochise Security Inc., with headquarters in Florida. Two were seriously wounded.

15:53 Dujail. Two killed and eight wounded in attack on campaign offices. Two were killed and eight wounded in a mortar attack on an elections information office in Dujail in the Province of Samarra, north of Baghdad. Five mortar shells were fired at the building. Six of the wounded were Iraqi National Guard.

15:50 Beiji. Turkey pipeline sabotaged. The Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline to Turkey was sabotaged by guerrillas near Beiji.

15:49 Baghdad. Two female employees of US base killed. Two Iraqi women working for the US base at Skania in south Baghdad and their driver were killed in the Dora district of Baghdad. Armed men opened fire on their car. The women were Christian.

14:52 Chemical Ali and ex-Defense Minister at pre-trial hearing. Pre-trial hearings were conducted today for Gen. Ali Hussein al Majid and ex-Defense Minister Sultan Hashem Ahmed by the Iraqi Special Tribunal.

08:02 Kirkik. Iraqi woman killed by US troops at checkpoint. US soldier shot and killed a young woman as she drove her car in the darkness past a US checkpoint in the Askari district of Kirkuk.


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