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Saturday, December 11, 2004

December 11 Events in Iraq

24:00 Syndey. $50 bounty per coalition soldier killed. In an interview with the Sidney Sunday Telegraph, Australian military officer Greg Evens, deployed to Iraq, said the insurgency has offered a $50 bounty for each coalition soldier killed. He also reports that the insurgency has hired hitmen from other Middle Eastern countries.

21:17 Al Hit. Two Iraqis killed. Two Iraqis were killed today and the corpses of four others, who appear to have been executed within the last few days, were found in al Hit.

21:10 Rome. Location of remains of Italian reporter. Italian Red Cross official Maurizio Scelli says the zone in Iraq in which Italian reporter Enzo Baldoni was killed has been located and that is likely the remains will be found.

19:29 Mossul. US drops bomb on city. A US bomber aircraft dropped a 500 lb bomb on Mossul after a US patrol attempting to enter a weapons store was attacked by insurgents. There is an undetermined number of casualties. In the attack on the US convoy, which killed two bystanders, rebels carbombed the patrol then opened fire with machine guns and mortars. US troops were able to destroy the store.

18:46 Al Anbar. US marine killed in action. A US Marine died in an anti-insurgency operation in al Anbar Province, west of Baghdad.

17:43 Mossul. Eight Coalition soldiers wounded by insurgents. Eight members of the Multinational Force were wounded after being surrounded by rebels.

17:16 Baquba. Home of elections committee chairman hit by rockets. Anti-tank rockets were fired at the home of attorney Amer Latif al-Yahiya, Chairman of the Elections Committee for Diyala Province. His home is located in Bohruz.

14:24 Baghdad. Seven Iraqi civilians die in attacks south of the capital. In Mahmudya, 30 km south of Baghdad, a man accused of collaborating with the occupation was assassinated by armed men, who also killed a bystander. Two shop owners were killed in Iskandariya and another three in Haswa.

11:46 Tikrit, two killed in attack. An insurgent commando squad attacked a group of high-ranking police officials near Ash Sharqat, 100 km north of Tikrit, killing two and wounding three. The officials were travelling in a convoy of passenger cars when they were ambushed by a group of armed men. Meanwhile, in Mossul, a carbomb targeting a US military convoy killed two civilians.

09:15 Baghdad. Communists to run in elections. The Peoples' Union, the Iraqi Communist party, has prepared a roster of candidates for the 30 January elections. Party Secretary Hamid Majid Mussa indicated that among the party's 256 candidates from across the ethnic and religious spectrum was Culture Minister Mufid al-Jazairi. The Iraqi Communist Party is the oldest political party in Iraq. Founded in 1930, it was once one of the Arab world's most powerful leftist movements.

08:18 Baghdad. US soldier sentenced for homicide. US military authorities say a US soldier was sentenced to three years in prison for the homicide of a wounded Iraqi.

08:10 Kirkuk. Oil exports resume. The Northern Oil Company has announced that oil exports have resumed in the north of the country following a succession of sabotage attacks on the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline on 15 November.

08:06 Ramadi. Rebels barricaded inside hospital. A spokesman for the US Marines says a group of rebels is barricaded inside Ramadi Hospital and are offering furious resistance to US troops, which have surrounded the area.

07:01 Baquba. 30 people arrested. Thirty people were arrested following a mortar attack on a Baquba police station. 29 were arrested immediately after the attack; another man was arrested inside a mosque. Two handguns were found in his possession.

06:15 London. Black Watch to return home. Having ended their northward deployment in support of US troops, the Black Watch will be home by Christmas.

02:26 Washington. Pentagon announces new equipment orders. The Pentagon has signed contracts with several armored vehicle manufacturers for the delivery of 100 Humvees per month to Iraq, for a total of 550 vehicles. The initiative was led by Donald Rumsfeld in response to complaints of inadequate armored military vehicles during a visit to a US base in Kuwait.


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