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Saturday, December 04, 2004

December 4 Events in Iraq

Iranian Army holds maneuvres. The Iranian Army conducted the largest manoeuvres in its history in five provinces, some of which border the Iraqi frontier. Ten divisions including artillery, missile batteries, electronic warfare matériel and warplanes participated in the exercise, dubbed Disciples of the Guardians.

Guerrillas attacked a joint US-Iraqi national guard convoy near Latifiyah, the day following the conclusion of Operation Plymouth Rock, intended to dislodge rebels in the area. No report of casualties.

21:04 General Karpinski called to testify. US military magistrate Col. James Pohl, assigned to Ft. Hood, has called Gen. Janis Karpinksi to testify in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal.

19:37 Black Watch returns to Basrah. The British Black Watch battalion has left Camp Dogwood outside Bagdad to return to Basrah in southern Iraq.

19:36 Italian marines deployed to Nassiriya return to Brindisi. The San Marco marine fusiliers have landed at Brindisi military airport. With them was a 2 year old Iraqi girl, Gofaran, with a heart aliment. She will undergo surgery in Rome.

17:32 Baquba, US soldier killed. A US soldier was killed by a roadside bomb in Ghalabiya, 12 km west of Baquba.

17:18 Mosul, suicide carbomb kills 17 Kurdish Peshmerga. A carbomb targeting a military convoy killed 17 Peshmerga fighters and wounded another 40 in the Karama district of Mossul, reports PUK spokesman Saad Pira. Pira says the convoy was composed of four minibuses in which 80 Peshmerga fighters were travelling from Erbil in Kurdistan to Mossul to relieve Kurdish fighters there.

16:56 Brother of slain reporter Enzo Baldoni, "We want to obtain remains". The Baldoni family would like to retrieve the remains of reporter Enzo Baldoni.

16:02 Tel Afar: four corpses found. The bodies of four Iraqi national guardsmen were found in Tel Afar.

14:18 Suicide carbomb in Baghdad, death toll rises to seven. Seven dead and fifty-seven wounded in the casualty count in today's suicide carbombing of a police station in the Green Zone.

14:10 US Navy opens inquiry into prisoner abuse. The US Navy has opened an investigation into the photos of Navy Seals abusing their prisoners published at a website.

13:52 Baldoni, inquest into death. The Rome public prosecutors' office made an official request to Qatar for the photos showing the execution of Italian reporter Enzo Baldoni broadcast by Al Jazeera.

13:10 Baquba: bomb kills US soldier. Roadside bomb targets US patrol convoy, killing 1 soldier.

12:47 Al Jazeera prepared to send photos of execution of Enzo Baldoni to Italy. Al Jazeera spokesman Jihad Ballout says network has photos but no video of Baldoni execution.

12:35 Bombing at Jordanian border, two soldiers killed. Two Coalition soldiers are dead and five wounded in a carbombing at Trebil, at the Jordanian frontier.

12:09 Six Iraqis killed in separate attacks in northern Iraq. An Iraqi policeman was killed by mistake by US troops as he attempted to pass a US convoy travelling the highway near Dujail, north of the capital. A second Iraqi was killed by a bomb in Dhuluiyah, north of Baghdad and a third Iraq died in mysterious circumstances in the area of Tuzkhormatu, east of Tikrit. Outside Samarra, three Iraqis employees of the US military were found dead.

10:43 Carbombing in Baghdad, four police killed and 49 wounded. Death toll rises to four in bombing of police barracks in Baghdad, the second in two days. 49 are wounded and 10 are in critical condition.

10:25 Bagdad, two Iraqis killed in ambush. Two Iraqis were killed point blank this morning in Baghdad in the al-Jamaa district of East Baghdad. A roadside bomb exploded near their car as rebels rushed towards the vehicle and shot the two men.

10:23 Baghad, two carbombs. The entrance to the Green Zone was attacked by two suicide carbombers who killed 16 and wounded 30.

10:16 Kirkuk: attack on US patrol, one soldier killed. Rebels attacked a US patrol, killing one soldier and wounding two.

09:18 Explosion in Baghdad, two dead and 35 wounded.

08:45 Carbomb in Baghdad, 17 wounded.

08:38 Police checkpoint carbombed. A suicide car bomb detonated at 9:30 local time near a police checkpoint in the Salhyia district near the Iraq Foreign Ministry and the Green Zone.

08:03 Explosion in Baghdad. Blast heard at 9:30 local time.

07:40 Baghdad, powerful blast in downtown Baghdad.

07:15 Baghdad: bomb targets patrol, one US soldier dead. A roadside bomb in north Baghdad killed one US soldier and wounded three others.

00:45 Delivery truck explodes at Jordanian border. A delivery truck filled with explosives blew up in front of a VIP lounge at the Iraqi border with Jordan in Terbvil, 550 km west of Baghdad. The structure is commonly used by high-ranking US military officials in transit between the two countries. A report says Jordanians stopped another truck at Karameh border crossing and defused the bomb inside.

00:30 Pentagon reports US losses. Total US soldiers killed in action reaches 1260.

00:00 Baghdad, mosque and police barracks bombed.


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