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Friday, November 26, 2004

Friday 26 November: Events in Iraq

Massive relief program planned to aid the 250,000 refugees displaced by the Fallujah assault.

Iraqi government plans crackdown on ex-Ba'athists after discovering that Ba'ath party members occupy key positions in the new security apparatus.

100th day of detention for French reporters Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot.

Committee of Yemani Ulema calls for armed struggle against US occupation of Iraq.

December 10 new deadline for Iraqi ballot registration.

23:55 Baghdad: Elections in January problematic. Vice Premier Barham Salih says the Iraqi elections sceduled for January represent an impossible challenge. Salih is to meet with Prime Minister Tony Blair next week.

20:05 Washington: Bush insists on elections. President Bush says he expects elections in Iraq to take place as scheduled.

19:17 Italian government to be sued in Nassiriya bombing. Adelina Parrillo, live-in partner of film producer Stefano Rolla, killed in the suicide bombing of the Italian base in Nassiriya on 12 November 2003, will sue the Italian Defense Ministry for negligence.

18:35 Al Kut: Reporter kidnapped. An Iraqi reporter for the daily Sada Wasitn was kidnapped on a highway at a fake checkpoint.

18:26 Baghdad: Request to postpone elections. A petition drafted at the home of Adnan Pachachi and signed by 15 major parties, including the political party of Prime Minister Allawi, sought delay of the Iraqi elections scheduled for 30 January. The petition will be examined by the government on Sunday.

16:56 Baghdad: 15 parties unite to request delayed elections. Fifteen political parties, including the two major Kurdish parties, form an united front to delay elections scheduled for 30 January 2005.

16:35 US forces control Latifiya. US controls Latifiya as insurgents vanish. US forces have repared the highway leading to Baghdad which had been damaged by two blasts.

16:13 Fallujah: Blast kills two persons. A blast just outside of Fallujah kills two men and wounds a third. It is thought they were preparing a bomb to be targeted at a US military convoy.

15:45 Baquba: Four civilians wounded. Four civilians were wounded in an attack targeting a US military convoy.

15:41 Baquba: 700 RPG projectiles found. Iraqi national guard and US forces find 700 projectiles and RPG launchers in the Al-Hachmiya quarter of Baquba.

15:09 Baghdad: 4 Nepalese killed in blast. Four Nepalese nationals killed in blast [Gurka perhaps?] at Global Risk Strategies.

14:10 Baghdad: Blast in Green Zone kills four. A blast in the Green Zone kills four security guards and wounds 15. All were employees of the British firm, "Global risk strategies".

12:47 Kirkuk: Policeman killed. One police officer was killed and several others wounded in an attack by insurgents of a checkpoint 10 km south of the city.

12:37 Fallujah: Combat threatened to resume. Insurgents release a communique saying they have reorganized and will continue combat.

12:02 Mossul: Thirteen bodies found. US forces say they have found 13 additional corpses in Mossul.

08:37 Fallujah: Two US soldiers killed. Two US soldiers were killed by a grenade yesterday in Fallujah as they were performing house-to-house searches.


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