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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Iraq Timeline for Friday

19:42 Raid on mosque: death toll mounts. Death toll rises in mosque raid by US troops in Baghdad. 4 worshipers are dead and 9 wounded. US troops fired on worshipers when they attempted to oppose US troops, says the Association of Islamic Clerics.

18:07 Carbomb Baghdad: Five dead and ten wounded as carbomb targets police convoy.

18:05 International Red Cross: Human rights violations. IRC protests the daily, total disrespect for human rights during combat Fallujah, says Pierre Kraehenbuehl.

17:49 Elections essential in January. 18 Iraqi political parties meeting in Suleimaniya, Kurdistan, insiste on January elections.

16:11 Moqtada Al Sadr collaborator arrested. Iraqi national guard arrested one of Moqtada Sadr collaborators in Kerbala. A Sadr collaborator in Najaf was arrested earlier.

14:47 Baghdad carbombing: 2 dead and 5 wounded. Insurgents targe at police convoy in Baghdad. Three vehicle in the convoy were set ablaze.

14:18 Baghdad. Police convoy targed; several wounded. Carbombing reported in Palestine Street.

12:01 Zarqawi: "Two Iraqi soldiers decapitated". A group linked to Abu Musab al Zarqawi decapitate two Iraqi soldiers in Mossul

11:34 Baghdad, Iraqi National Guard raids mosque. The Abu Hanifa mosque in the Adhamiya quarter of Baghdad was raided by 300 Iraqi National Guard on Friday at the end of prayers.

10:45 Baquba, police official assassinated. Lt. Ali Hamid was assassinated by gunmen as he was walking, out of uniform, in downtown Baquba.

08:55 $5 million bounty on al Zarqawi collaborator. US puts a bounty on the head of Abu Musab al-Suri, aka Mustafa Setmariam Nasar.

08:47 Muqdadiya, attack on police headquarters. One Iraqi policeman is killed an 5 wounded in an attack on police headquarters in Mudqadiya, 100 km northeast of Baghdad. The victims name is Wamidh Raad.

08:46 Mosul, final attack readied. Iraqi shock troops with US support are preparing to attack the city of Mosul. 1200 US troops and 1600 Iraqi troops are readying for the assaul.

08:45 Australian NGO leaves Iraq: "Too dangerous". World Vision Australia will suspend operation in Iraq, says Director Geoff Shepherd. Only a handful of relief organizations remain.

08:43 US general: "Bin Laden no longer directs al Qaeda organization"


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