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Monday, November 08, 2004

8 November Events in Iraq

23:55 Rome. Powell phones Italian Foreign Minister. Powell telephones Franco Frattini to explain details of Fallujah assault.

22:29 Najaf. Moqtada al Sadr condemns assault on Fallujah. Sheik Abdel Hadi Darraji, spokesman for Moqtada al Sadr, condemns assault and calls on armed forces and law enforcement to resist the occupier.

22:12 Baghdad. Bomb explodes at hospital, 5 dead. Suicide car bomber targets Baghdad hospital and kills 5 police.

21:46 Washington. Pentagon: US losses at 1,133 before Fallujah offensive.

21:26 Fallujah. Baghdad names offensive "Operation Dawn". Baghdad prefers operation "Operation Dawn" to "Phantom Fury"

21:05 Baghdad. Blast in capital.

20:52 Washington. Bush gives green light to Fallujah assault.

20:51 Iskandariyah. One British soldier dies, two wounded. An incident near Camp Dogwood kills one, wounds two.

20:32 Washington. Myers, US to use force again. Gen. Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, promises more force against Iraqi insurgents.

20:28 Washington. Rumsfeld, "this time we won't stop."

20:26 Washington. Rumsfeld, sever blow to extremists.

20:20 Washington. Rumsfeld: Fallujah assault to require time.

20:18 Washington. Myers: "We have the upper hand."

20:17 Washington. Rumsfeld: Fallujah cannot remain in hands of assassins.

20:16 Washington. Fallujah: Powell phones Arab Foreign Ministers. Powell telephones Egyptian, Jordanian, Turkish and Saudi Foreign Ministers.

20:12 Baghdad. Churches bombed. Two Baghdad churches were bombed killing 3 and wounding 40 reports monsignor Fernando Filoni. The first attack targeting Syrian Orthodox church of St Bahnam, the second that of the Assyrians/Nestorians. Women and children injured.

19:58 Fallujah. Gen. George Casey: heavy fighting in downtown.

19:44 Baghdad. Two churches car bombed.

19:21 Nassiriya. Italians defuse car bomb. Italian troops were able to defuse a car bomb

19:20 Nassiriya. Italian patrol attacked. Automatic weapons fire was directed at an Italian patrol in Nassiriya as it crossed a bridge over the Euphrates.

19:19 Fallujah. Full offensive underway.

19:18 Fallujah. General Casey, 15 thousand US troops in Fallujah

19:05 Fallujah. "Phantom Fury", 12 thousand US troops versus 3000 insurgents [4-to-one, same ratio as in Viet Nam--Nur].

18:31 Baghdad. Zarqawi claims credit for attack on US convoy. A group linked to Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi takes responsibility for an attack on a US convoy on the outskirts of Baghdad near the airport.

18:26 Baghdad. Three dead and forty wounded in church bombings.

18:17 Baghdad. US soldier killed in Baghdad.

18:16 Fallujah. US troops take Fallujah railroad station in Jolan district supported by air and artillery. [You'd think this was Berlin 1945--Nur]

18:06 Fallujah. Rumsfeld calls press conference.

18:02 Fallujah. US tanks enter city.

17:49 Fallujah. Operation "Phantom Fury" begins.

17:48 Baghdad. Church bombings in capital, 35 wounded.

17:43 Fallujah. Allawi visits troops.

17:35 Fallujah. US offensive underway

17:28 Fallujah. Blair exhorts insurgents to surrender.

17:28 Fallujah. Fierce resistance.

17:25 Washington. White House says it will defeat rebels.

17:24 Fallujah. US offensive about to begin.

17:23 Fallujah. Intensive air strikes. Agence France Presse says bombs fall throughout city.

17:06 Fallujah. Heavy fighting near railroad station.

16:53 Fallujah. US air strikes on city. Massive bombing underway.

16:52 Baghdad. Suicide car bomb targets US convoy killing three.

16:43 Baghdad. Church in Dora district is bombed.

16:38 Fallujah. US tanks attack Fallujah railroad station.

16:23 Baghdad. Explosions downtown.

16:08 Strasbourg. Solana, little chance of elections in January. Javier Solana unoptimistic on Iraqi elections.

15:51 Fallujah. US forces advance on city.

15:44 Fallujah. Zarqawi calls on followers to take up arms.

14:46 Ramadi. Car bomb. Two suicide car bombs target US convoy in the al-Iskan and Hay al-Ziyut districts

14:37 Baghdad. Clashes near Green Zone

13:57 Ramadi. Rebels and US troops trade gun and rocket fire.

13:50 New York. New York Times says generals want 2 more divisions in Iraq.

13:40 Rome. Italian Defense Minister Martino: 'The UN Security Council is not the courtroom of humanity."

13:34 Baghdad. Sunni clerics request that Fallujah be spared.

13:19 Ramadi. Two marines killed in nighttime action in al Anbar province.

13:17 Baquba. Diyala Provincial Governor escapes assassination. Abdallah Hassan al-Jbouri survives a bomb in Baquba.

13:11 Rome. Italian Defense Minister Martino: "Italy will not stay long in Iraq."

13:08 Baghdad. Border crossings into Syria and Jordan closed. Allawi orders border closed except for food supplies.

12:55 Baghdad. Allawi: "I approved assault on Fallujah."

12:36 Fallujah. 38 rebels killed.

12:33 Baghdad. Allawi closes Baghdad Airport. Airport closed for 48 hours. Dusk to dawn curfew in Fallujah and Ramadi.

12:23 Basrah. Oil well sabotaged. Well in Zoubeir fields sabotaged.

11:59 Fallujah. 12 die in air strikes.

11:35 Baghdad. Car bombs in Ramadi and Mosul, four dead, thirteen wounded. Bomb in Ramadi kills 4, wounds 1. In Mosul twelve are wounded.

11:25 Fallujah. Intensive aerial bombing.

10:28 Fallujah. Two marines are killed when their armored bulldozer capsizes on the banks of the Euphrates.

10:27 Samarra. US airstrike on city. US warplanes bomb northern part of city.

10:16 Fallujah. Mosques announce capture of 35 US soldiers.

09:53 Fallujah. Intensive bombing by US warplanes.

09:23 Samarra. Four Iraqi security guards and Turkish truck driver killed. Iraqi security guards killed as the exited US camp in Baihi, 180 km north of Baghdad. Turkish fuel truck is ambushed.

08:02 Baghdad. Car bomb targets US convoy. Two Iraqis, a man and a woman, were killed as US convoy is bombed.

07:38 Baghdad. Powerful blasts heard in city.

07:12 Fallujah. Firing heard near US military camp.

07:14 Fallujah. Iraqi forces take hospital.


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