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Monday, November 01, 2004

1 November 2004 Events in Iraq

20:50 Baghdad. One Asian among kidnapped. An Asian is among the group of 6 hostages kidnapped from the offices of a Saudi transport company. The company president, Mahmoud Attiyeh, a Syrian, said his company delivered freight to Iraqi ministries, not to the US military.

20:38 Basrah. British military woman found dead in Basrah. MP Sergeant Denise Rose, 34, was found dead by gunshot wound. An investigation is underway.

19:28 Baghdad. Police statement on kidnapping. Iraqi police report that six persons were kidnapped from the offices of the Saudi Arabian Trading and Contracting Company (Satco) in the al Mansur district. One of the hostages is American. The kidnapping, which occurred at 17:35 Baghdad time, was followed by a shootout in which a hostage taker and a security guard were killed.

18:35 Baghdad. Six office workers kidnapped.

18:28 Baghdad. Powerful blast in capital. No details.

18:07 Baghdad. Plea for information on Hassan. NGOs plead for information on the condition of Margaret Hassan, kidnapped 19 October.

17:17 Balad. Two soldiers and a child killed. Two members of the Iraqi National Guard and a child were killed in separate episodes north of Baghdad in the same area where the body of an Iraqi truck driver was found floating in the Tigris. The two National Guardsmen were killed by armed assailants who attacked a checkpoint in Duluya, near Balad. The explosion of a roadside bomb killed a child and wounded two passers-by.

17:07 Baghdad. One dead in kidnapping. Armed men conducted a raid in Baghdad, taking four foreigners hostage: One American, one Nepalese and two Arabs. A security guard was killed.

16:42 Baghdad. Four foreigners kidnapped, including one American.

13:48 Baghdad. Vice Governor had been threatened. The Governor of Baghdad has revealed that the assassinated Vice Governor, Hatem Kamil Fattah, along with other officials, had received threatening letters this morning.

13:08 Baghdad. Responsibility claimed in assassination. Ansar al-Sunna has claimed credit in the early morning assassination of Hassan Kamel Abdel Fattah.

13:00 Baghdad. Allawi statements played down. Alaa Makki, leader of the Sunni Islamic Party, involved negotiations process between the National Council (the provisional national assembly) and Falloujah city officials and dignitaries, minimized statements by the Prime Minister: "Sunday's statements by Mr. Allawi are political in nature and intended to spur negotiations towards a solution."

12:49 Baghdad. Iraqi government sidelines Al Jazeera. Iyud Allawi forbids Iraqi caretaker ministers to give interviews or comments to al-Jazeera, reports the daily newspaper Azzaman. The executive order also applies to administrators and office workers.

12:12 London. Al Qaeda spies on British base. British press reports UK troops in Iraq as saying they are spied upon by al Qaeda members. A level-two alert has been issued by UK military officials in Iraq.

10:59 Ramadi. Reuters cameraman killed. Dhia Najim, 55, was shot in the head as he filmed footage of clashes between US troops and insurgents in Ramadi.

10:48 Fallujah. US airstrike wounds two. US warplanes target the Yegheifi quarter in the northern part of the city.

10:26 Kuwait City. Al Yawar disapproves of assault. Iraqi caretaker President Ghazi Al-Yawar said yesterday that the totally disapproved of those who want to use a military solution against Fallujah. It's like shooting a horse in the head to kill a horsefly; the fly gets away and the horse dies, said Yawar in an interview with the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas.

10:20 Kuwait City. President al-Yawar points finger at Iran. President al Yawar accuses Iran of interference in Iraqi affairs.

10:01 Baquba. Ex-military officer killed. An ex-officer of the Iraqi military, Assir Khalil Abdel Aziz, was killed by hooded gunmen in an attack on the car in which he was travelling.

08:27 Tikrit. 17 die in hotel attack. The death toll in a rocket attack on a hotel in Tikrit yesterday rises to 17.

07:51 Ramadi. US marine is killed and four wounded. A US marine was killed and four others wounded in clashes in Ramadi, west of Baghdad.

07:12 Baghdad. Violence halts construction work. Only $1.5 billion of the $30 billion promised to Iraq for reconstruction by the United States has been spent.

07:07 Baghdad. Vice Governor assassinated.

07:00 Ramadi. US airstrike on city kills six, wounds 15. US bombs Ramadi causing a panicked evacuation on the part of many of the residentsas clashes escalated between insurgents and US troops.

6:45 Kuwait City. Al Yawar travels to Bahrain after concluding three-day visit to Kuwait. Al Yawar to discuss joint commissions to reinforce bilateral cooperation in commerce, politicas and social issues.

06:30 Amman. Allawi travels to Amman. PM Iyad Allawi is in Jordan for talks with Faisal al-Fayez to discuss a free trade agreement.


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