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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

20 October 2004 Events in Iraq

Rome. Italian Defense Minister Martino calls Kerry a flip-flopper.

23:10 Washington. Iraq removed from terrorism blacklist. US formally removes Iraq from its list of rogue nations.

23:00 Basrah. Iraqi detainee dies in US custody. An Iraqi high-security detainee dies in Camp Bucca.

22:45 Suva. Fiji offers to provide security to UN officials. Fiji will deploy 150 troops for security detail.

22:32 Rome. Father Benjamin: "Enzo Baldoni knew too much" Enzo Baldoni "was very familiar with the Iraqi resistance". In particular "he knew too much about something" which "somebody did not like", asserts Father Jean-Marie Benjamin in an interview. "During the initial phase of the kidnapping of Enzo Baldoni, some new fact intervened which had nothing to do with the kidnappers. Let us say that his death was not attributable to his kidnappers. Some figures close to Iraqi intelligence were involved." Father Benjamin has acted both as a UN and UNICEF official for years, serving the Iraqi people.

21:33 Samarra. Eight killed in carbombing, including four children, and 23 wounded, among them US troops.

21:07 Fallujah. US military command denies wiping out family. US denies accusations that one of its warplanes destroyed a women's academy as well as wiped out a family of six. However eye witnesses say that bodies of 2 adults and 4 children were pulled from the rubble of a home in Fallujah and that the recovery was documented on film.

18:19 Baghdad. Government pleads with NGOs to remain in Iraq. Security advisor Muffawaq al Rubaiye says Iraqi is doing its best to protect NGO employees and asks them to remain.

18:16 Baghdad. Blast caused by carbomb. The explosion heard in downtown Baghdad was caused by a carbomb which targeted as US patrol on Haifa street. The blast left a large crater and shattered windows and storefronts.

18:14 Samarra. Six are dead in carbombing. Death toll rises to 6 in Samarra in explosion of carbomb near a kindergarden. Four children were killed together with two adults. Of the 17 wounded, 11 were US troops. The US military has imposed a curfew.

18:05 Baghdad. Carbombing near airport; driver dies. A carbomb went off on an access road at Baghdad International Airport. No civilians or US troops were near the site of the blast. Credit for the blast is claimed by Abu Maissara al-Iraqi. Not far from the scene, a roadside bomb blew out a tire on a US military vehicle.

18:00 Baghdad. Body of Iraqi contractor found. The beheaded corpse of an Iraqi construction contractor was found 170 km north of Baghdad.

17:13 Baghdad. Two egyptian hostages released. Moustapha Abdel Latif and Mahmoud Tourk, both employees of Orascom Telecom, were released by their kidnappers. Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi personally negotiated for their release.

17:12 Samarra. Carbomb kills four children; 20 people are wounded as US convoy attacked.

16:55 Baghdad. Powerful blasts heard in Haifa street in Baghdad.

16:41 Rome. Martino: "If Iraqis can do it themselves, there is no need to remain" Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino hints at pullout of Italian contingent.

16:28 Doha. Al Jazeera announces imminent release of Egyptian hostages, kidnapped 23 September.

15:19 Baghdad. Allawi party official assassinated. A member of Iraqi National Accord, Mazen al-Samarai, was assassinated by unknown gunmen outside his residence.

14:37 Dubai. CARE director's husband pleads for release. The spouse of Margaret Hassan issues plea for her release on al-Arabiya TV. Tahsin Ali Hassan says his wife has worked 30 years for the Iraqi people.

14:35 Baghdad. Torture at Abu Ghraib, US soldier pleads guilty. Reserve Sgt. Ivan Frederick, 38, pleads guilty to charges.

14:21 London. Blair: "Redeployment has nothing to do with US elections." Blair says deployment of the Black Watch to the US sector is a military matter.

14:15 Paris. French reporters, Barnier: "Release still possible" French Foreign Minister says there is a chance that Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot may yet be released.

13:51 Baghdad. Message from Zarqawi: "Merger with Al Qaeda". Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi continues campaign against the infidels under a new banner.

13:41 London. Blair: "We are doing everything" The British government will do everything possible to gain the release of Margaret Hassan.

12:03 Baquba. Adolescent is killed. Ahmed Mohammed Ismaïl, 15, was killed during a firefight between insurgents and US troops in Moqdadia.

11:29 Cairo. Iraq Conference: 22 and 23 November in Sharm el-Sheikh says Deputy Secretary of State William Burns.

11:27 Baghdad. CARE International works towards release of kidnapped director.

11:22 Fallujah. US airstrike wipes out family of six.

11:17 Baghdad. CARE International suspends operations. Robert Glasser, Executive Director of Care Australia says NGO will suspend operations.

11:08 Fallujah. US airstrikes continue.

10:59 Baghdad. Two US troops wounded. Two US troops were wounded in a carbombing of their convoy on airport access road. A Humvee was destroyed.

10:13 Baghdad. Australian hostage: "My kidnappers were not animals". John Martinkus says he was treated well during his ordeal. "Those people are not stupid. They are fighting a war. They are not savages and do not kill for the pleasure of killing."

09:45 Baghdad. Suicide carbomber dies in attack on airport access road..

08:43 New York. UN wants to blacklist al-Zarkawi. The UN has decided to ask for worldwide assistance in blacklisting Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

07:47 Washington. Pentagon, more that 8,000 US wounded in Iraq. Pentagon releases figure of 8,012. 4,304 were evacuated and 3,712 were treated locally and returned to duty.

07:45 Baghdad Explosion destroyes Humvee. Roadside bomb on airport access road destroys Humvee.

07:04 baghdad. CARE international suspends operations in Iraq.


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