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Monday, October 18, 2004

18 October Events in Iraq

23:51 Duluiya. Dozens are arrested. US and Iraqi troops surrounded the town of Duluiya, north of Baghdad, and arrested dozens of insurgents in a house-to-house search. Duluiya is 20 km north of Samarra.

21:22 Washington. Inquest into soldier mutiny. The Pentagon says it has opened an inquest into the mutiny of 19 quartermaster troops who refused a "suicide mission."

21:16 Skopje. Macedonian government confirms hostage exectuion. Interior Minister Goran Pavlovski confirms execution of Macedonian hostages.

19:14 Kiev. Ukraine to pull out of Iraq in 2005. Premier Viktor Yanukovic says the remaining 250 soldiers of it 1600-man contingent will be withdrawn.

17:01 London. UK Defence Minister confirms US request. Geoff Hoon confirms the 10 October request of the US to move British troops out of their sector to support Americans. Hoon said that no troops would be sent to Baghdad or Fallujah.

16:16 Doha. Al Jazeera broadcasts execution of two Macedonian hostages. It is uncertain which of the three hostages (Dalibor Lazarevski, Dragan Markovic, Zoran Naskovski) were executed.

16:01 Baghdad. Allawi: "Two million dollars in aid to be sent to Fallujah". Premier Iyad Allawi has approved $2 million in humanitarian aid for the besieged city of Fallujah.

15:49 Baghdad. Allawi: Weapons collection program to be extended to all Iraq. Premier Iyad Allawi says ongoing weapons collection program in Sadr City will be extended to all Iraq, starting with Basrah.

15:33 Doha. Al Jazeera: "Macedonian hostages beheaded". Two Macedonian nationals accused of spying for the US have been beheaded.

14:34 Baghdad. Australian reporter released. John Martinkus of Sbs has been released by an unknown group of kidnappers who confiscated his film for the TV program Dateline.

14:16 Balad. Decapitated corpse found. The body of a Turkish truckdriver was found in Balad 60 km north of Baghdad.

13:55 Baghdad. Christian leaders plead for a stop to church bombings. The Christian leadership of Iraq (Chaldeans, Assyrians, Latin Rite, Syrians, Amenians, and Greek Orthodox) plead for a halt to church bombings.

12:40 The Hague. Dutch soldier cleard of homicide charges. A Dutch soldier who fired on a crowd of looters has been acquitted of homicide.

12:18 Baghdad. Amnesty. Iraqi authorities has pledged amnesty to anyone who surrenders their weapons.

11:58 Moscow. Putin endorses Bush. Vladimir Putin supports the reelection of George W. Bush.

11:01 Mosul. 5 dead and 15 wounded in yesterday's carbombing. The blast occurred on a bridge connecting the quarters of al-Matlan and al-Chifa.

10:58 Shorgat. Body of decapitated Iraqi found. The body of an Iraq interpreter was found in Shorgat, 40 km south of Mossul.

10:12 Baghdad. Two die in separate bombing incidents.

09:38 Baquba. Nine wounded in attack on police station. Seven police, a woman and a child were wounded in Baquba when insurgents attacked a police station.

09:36 Fallujah. City negotiator released. Sheik Khaled Hamoud, one of Fallujah's most important notables, was released by the Americans.


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