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Friday, October 08, 2004

8 October 2004 Events in Iraq

23:00 Baghdad. A US soldier wounded 1 October by homemade bomb expires.

22:22 Ramadi. Red Crescent says bombers made video of blast.

21:35 Ramadi. Red Crescent offices bombed. Insurgent blew up Red Crescent offices in Ramadi. Four are wounded.

19:25 Baghdad. Allawi condemns Bigley beheading.

19:10 London. Straw, Britain tried to save hostage. Straw says Britain had exchanged messages with the kidnappers of Kenneth Bigley.

18:56 London. Straw confirms execution of Bigley.

18:49 Rome. Bigley execution. Berlusconi sends message to Blair

18:42 London. Bigley execution. Family views beheading video.

18:06 London. Brother of Bigley: "Blair has blood on his hands". "Tony Blair has blood on his hands.", says Paul Bigley

17:38 London. UK Muslims condemn Bigley execution. Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Council of Muslims of Great Britain, condemns beheading of Kenneth Bigley.

17:01 Rome. Ciampi, Bigley beheading was barbarous act. Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi condemns execution of UK hostage.

16:48 Baghdad. Tawhid wal Jihad: "No reponse from Blair". Kenneth Bigley was beheaded by Tawhid wal Jihad because Tony Blair refused to negotiate.

16:16 London. Bigley family awaits official notification. The brothers of British engineer Ken Bigley await official confirmation of execution.

15:59 Kirkuk. A US soldier is killed just south of Kirkuk.

15:46 London. Patricia Hewitt says beheading of Bigley not confirmed. Commerce and Industry Minister Patricia Hewitt says Bigley beheading not confirmed.

14:20 Fallujah. Bigley beheaded.

14:19 Fallujah. Rebel sources confirm execution of Bigley

13:54 London. Sky TV reports Bigley is executed.

13:49 London. Paul Bigley: "I haven't been informed. I remain optimistic"

13:45 London. UK officials investigate news of Bigley beheading.

13:31 Abu Dhabi TV: "Bigley executed"

10:19 Nassiriya. Romanians fire on Italians. Two Italian soldiers were wounded in friendly fire from Romanian troops.

09:57 Iraqi government accepts Sadr peace proposal.

09:19 Kirkuk. Police official assassinated.

09:00 Fallujah: US airstrike kills 11 civilians.


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