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Saturday, October 02, 2004

2 October 2004 Events in Iraq

22:09 Baghdad. Convoy attacked, archaeological finds stolen. Eight customs officers escorting a shipment of archaeological finds of significant value were found dead south of Baghdad. The artifacts were stolen.

21:42 New York Times: "Sadr ready to dissolve militia." Moqtada al-Sadr is ready to dissolve his militia, says Ali Smesin, an al-Sadr spokesman. Sadr plans on forming a political party, the Patriotic Alliance, with the support of Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

21:25 Rome. Fini: "Berlusconi favors Cairo for conference." Italian Vice Premier Gianfranco Fini says Berlusconi favors Cairo as venue for November peace conference.

21:24 Rome. D'Alema: "The Simonas rained on Berlusconi's parade". Italian opposition leader Massimo D'Alema says former hostages anti-war views dampened Berlusconi's self-congratulation on their release.

20:47 Rome. Fini: "Troops no longer necessary after elections.Italian Vice Premier Gianfranco Fini says Italian troops will leave Iraq after January elections at the conclusion of his meeting with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa.

20:15 Baghdad. Jordanian firm leaves Iraq. The Jordanian transport company Starline decides to quit Iraq after kidnapping of employee Hisham Taleb al Ezzah.

19:35 Baghdad. Seven Christians die in shooting. Seven Christians and their Muslim driver were shot to death in Bagdad in the Dura quarter after returning from a hunting club meeting.

19:27 Baghdad. Insurgent group tells Lebanese to leave Iraq. Group warns Beirut to evacuate its nationals from Iraq.

19:14 Fallujah. US airstrike on city. US claims it hit building were 20 insurgents were being trained.

18:34 Kidnappers threaten Jordanian hostage. Hostage Hisham Taleb al-Ezzah will be executed if his employer does not quit Iraq

17:22 Ex-general arrested. Polish troops arrest one of Saddam's generals in operations in central Iraq.

17:16 Samarra, 125 dead and 88 wounded in battles with US troops.

15:29 British hostage: mediation from Islamic group. An Islamic group has offered to mediate with Tawhid and Jihad for the release of British hostage Ken Bigley.

14:39 Baghdad. Hostage beheaded. Iraqi engineer Bareh Nafeh Daoud Ibrahim was executed for collaborating with the US by Ansar al-Sunna.

12:41 Baghdad. Dutch authorities deny search of home of Paul Bigley. British newspaper The Independent reports that the Amsterdam home of Paul Bigley was searched. This has been denied by Wim de Bruin of the Dutch justice ministry.

12:17 Fallujah. Carbombs targets US convoys in Fallujah and in Mossul. Three US troops were wounded in Fallujah roadside bomb. Another two were wounded in Mossul.

11:59 Nassiryia: Italian contingent attacked. No injuries. The Marine Fusiliers of the San Marco Regiment came under enemy fire.

11:48 Paris. French hostages: Chirac "worried" about private mediation effort. Jacques Chirac has expressed concern over Assembly member Didier Julia's private hostage mediation attempt.

11:46 Seoul. State of alert in South Korea. Seoul takes precautions in light of al-Zawahri's threats against the USA and its allies in Iraq.

11:35 Falluja, US convoy carbombed.

11:09 Oslo. Norway ups security after threat from Ayaman al-Zawahiri.

10:29 Nassiryia: Italian patrol attacked. Italian Task Force Desert Five cam under RPG fire.

09:45 Baghdad. Kidnapped Indonesians: Bashir does not want to be exchanged. Radical Islamist leader Abu Bakar Bashir rejects release in exchange for Indonesian hostages in Iraq.

09:21 Samarra. Five die in nighttime battles.

08:36 Baghdad. US soldier dies.

07:30 Fallujah. US Airstrike tagets al-Zarqawi. [Who was a "no-show"--Nur]

07:19 Falluja, 7 dead and 13 wounded in US airstrike. Victims include women and children

06:33 Baghdad. Kidnappers of Indonesian women demand release of Bashir. The Islamic Army in Iraq demands release of Abu Bakar Bashir in exchange for hostage release.

01:45 Amsterday. The Amsterdam home of Paul Bigley searched. Dutch intelligence searches home of brother of British hostage.

01:14 Washington. USA, 600 reservists do not report for duty.

00:12 Fallujah. US airstrike kills 5 civilians are killed and 7 wounded in airstrike on north side of the city.


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