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Saturday, September 18, 2004

18 September 2004 Events in Iraq

00:42 Baghdad. Allawi: "Recent attacks caused by foreigners". Iraqi Premier Iyad Allawi says most recent terrorist attacks were carried out by foreign elements who seek to "undermine the democratic process".

00:05 Baghdad. Zarqawi militia claims credit for suicide attacks. Tawhid wal Jihad claims responsibility for recent suicide attacks.

23:20 Fallujah. US air strike targets Abu Musa al-Zarqawi.

22:56 Baghdad. Allawi: Saddam could be tried on October.

22:01 Fallujah. US air stike on Fallujah results in 4 dead and 5 wounded. Strikes hit northern part of city.

21:39 Fallujah: US air strike

21:28 Baghdad. Carbomb in Bagdad, 2 US soldiers killed. Two American soldiers were killed in Baghdad as they rush to scene of another bombing. Three US vehicles are destroyed.

20:19 Doha. Al Jazeera broadcasts videos showing 10 foreign hostages. A group calling itself Abu Bakr Al Seddiq kidnapped 10 workers from a US-Turkish firm in Baghdad and has sent a tape to Al Jazeera. The kidnappers demand closure of the company's offices in Iraq.

20:05 Rome. Street protests against war. One hundred protesters seek to occupy Chigi Palace.

19:36 Rome. Tension between police and demonstrators. Police attempt to block access to Piazza Venezia but later permit march.

18:46 Rome. Pacifists march. 400 peace activists march in Rome.

18:05 Balad. Two truck drivers kidnapped in Balad on a road leading to a US military base.

17:33 Baghdad. French hostages collaborate with resistance. Islamic Army in Iraq says two French reporters kidnapped 20 August have been released and are collaborating with the resistance.

16:48 Baghdad. Iraqi ambassador posted to Teheran. For the first time since 1980 Iraq sends envoy, Mohammad Majid al-Sheikh, to Teheran.

14:52 Baghdad. Dual ambush of US troops. Convoy sets off roadside on Baghdad's Airport Highway seconds after a carbomb detonates wounding 3 members of a US patrol. Driver pulls alongside patrol and blows himself and his vehicle up.

14:24 Baghdad: Explosions on Baghdad Airport highway.

14:12 London. London in contact with the "competent authorities." No official British comment on images of US and British hostages broadcast on Al Jazeera.

14:03 Baghdad. Three Turkish truck drivers kidnapped. The three are kidnapped on highway between Baghdad and Tikrit.

13:34 Basrah. Moqtada Sadr aide threatens British troops. An aide of Moqtada Sadr in Basrah threatens revenge on UK troops who raided Sadr's offices yesterday. Moqtada Sadr militia had cordoned off the street and raised barricades. British troops then raided the offices, finding a weapons and munitions cache.

13:Hilla. Bomb explodes in Hilla, child killed. 9 year-old Mustafa Mehdi Hussein approached a bomb on his way to school and caused it to detonate.

12:26 Latifiya. Attack on bus carrying Shi'a theology students: One dead and 6 wounded. Salah Abdelrazzak, a spokesman for Waqks, a Shi'a religious organization, says armed men opened fire on theology students near Latifiya, 40 km south of Baghdad, heading for sacred shrines in central Iraq.

12:06 Baghdad. A week of blood: 247. Sunday's car bombing, 47 dead; Ramadi, 20 dead; Haifa Street, 13 dead; Fallujah, 45 dead.

12:02 Ramadi. Body of Al Anbar vice governor found. Corpse found in a rural area near Ramadi. The governor had been kidnapped 10 days ago. His son was wounded during the abduction.

11:24 Kirkuk Car bomb results in 23 dead, 53 wounded. Car bomb detonates near crowd waiting to enroll children in school. Security guards go crazy shoot in all directions.

11:18 Baghdad. First flight of Iraqi Airways. First Iraqi commercial flight lands without passengers in Amman, Jordan. After US bombs fell on civilian airports in March 03, the company has just one 737 left.

11:14 Baghdad. Bomb detonates resulting in one bodyguard killed. Roadside bomb detonates in Baghdad's Karrada quarter as a van loaded with Americans passes by. A second van carried their bodyguards and absorbed the impact of the bombs. A nearby electronics shop owner was also wounded along with pedestrians.

10:44 Baghdad. Tawhid wal Jihad claims kidnapping. Tawhid wal Jihad claim credit for kidnapping of two Americans and one Britain. A 48-hour ultimatum is issued, demanding release of all Iraqi prisoners.

10:36 Mossul. Five bodyguards killed. Five bodyguards accompanying an oil company executive were killed as an old anti-tank rocket was fired into his escort. The Iraqi director, Mohammed Ahmed Zebari, escaped without injury.

10:33 Fallujah. US air strike on Fallujah kills five. Residence hit.

10:17 Doha. Al Jazeera video shows three kidnapping victims.

10:14 Kirkuk. Car bomb in Kirkuk, death toll climbs to 25. 23 are killed in bombing of Iraqi National Guard recruiting center.

10:11 Baghdad. Americans and Briton kidnapped; Al Jazeera broadcasts ultimatum.

09:34 Baghdad. One dead, 2 wounded in bombing in Baghdad. A roadside bomb has exploded in the Karradah commercial quarter of Baghdad.

09:33 Baquba. Eleven wounded in Baquba. Victims were waiting in front of a school for entrance exam results.

09:23 Kirkuk. Bombing kills ten. A recruiting station for Iraqi National Guard is bombed.

08:47 Basrah. British troops raid al Sadr's offices. One hundred UK troops conducted a nighttime raid on the offices of Moqtada al-Sadr, after two British military vehicles were attacked. One UK soldier was wounded. Meanwhile an Iraqi employee of the British military was executed.

08:40 Baquba. Explosion wounds nine. Diyala authorities say bomb detonated near crowd in front of high school waiting for entrance exam results

08:19 Baquba. Ambulances arrive at school.

08:13 Baquba. Explosion in front of school. A science high school in Baquba was bombed.


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