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Monday, September 13, 2004

13 September 2004 Events in Iraq

00:29 Baghdad. Two US soldiers die in military operation.

23:22 Doha. Algerian Radical Islamist goes on hunger strike. Radical Islamist Abassi Madani, ex-leader of the dissolved Salvation Islamic Front, announces he will begin a hunger strike to urge the release of the hostages in Iraq, including 2 Italian women and 2 French reporters.

22:56 Baghdad. 16 "terrorists" arrested. Premier Iyad Allaoui announces "sixteen terrorists" participating in violence have been arrested. Allawi says some are foreigners.

21:49 Ankara. Threat from Turkey: "Bombardment of Tal Afar to end or we will withdraw support." Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul says his country will cease all cooperation with the US if it does not end the bombardment of Tal Afar in northwestern Iraq. Most of the city's residents are Turkmen.

21:25 Kirkuk. PUK Representative escapes assassination. PUK representative escapes assassination attempt in Kirkuk.

20:39 Baghdad. Islamic site pleads for release of hostages. Source at Islamic web site says Italian hostages had cared for his epileptic son since 1992 and pleads for their release.

20:14 Baghdad. The NGO, "Airlift for Baghdad", pleads for release of French and Italian hostages.

19:27 Baghdad. Ulema chairman says Iraqi Secret Police behind kidnappings. The Iraqi Ulema points finger at Iraqi Secret Police for kidanpping of Italians Simona Torretta and Simona Pari. The Sunni religious authority Abdul Salam al-Kubaisi says the September 6th kidnapping of two Italian NGO volunteers is the work of the Iraqi secret police.

19:20 Strasbourg. Javier Solana in talks with Al Yawar will not address hostages. The EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Javier Solana will not bring up the topic of hostages in talks with Iraqi President Al Yawar.

19:16 Brussels. EU Ministers demand immediate release of hostages. EU ministers in Brussels condemn kidnappings.

19:16 Baghdad. Bishop of Baghdad issues appeal for release of hostages. The Chaldean Bishop of Baghdad, Shlemon Warduni, pleads for release of hostages.

19:08 Washington. Pentagon, troop losses reach 1,012. Total losses for coalition are 1,142.

18:54 Paris. Barnier, French reporters alive and well-treated. French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier reports that hostages are alive and well

18:47 Baghdad. US artillery kills 6 civilians. Six civilians were killed and seven wounded in the village of Snaidijeh, south of Baghdad, by US artillery, which destroyed four private homes.

18:46 Strasbourg. Borrell, cancellation of Al Yawar visit deplorable. EU Parliament Speaker Josep Borrell deplores the decision of caretaker President Ghazi al Yawar to cancel his announced visit to Strasbourg.

18:20 Baghdad. Patriotic Alliance believes in innocence of kidnapped volunteers. Awni al-Kalemji, spokesman for the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, writes in the website Antimperialist Camp that Italian hostages are innocent.

16:44 Kabul. Taleban convicts plea for Italian hostages. A group of Taleban just released from the Pol-i-Charki prison in Kabul hope Simona Pari and Simona Torretta will be released soon.

16:01 Baghdad. Hostage execution video at website. Tawid and Jihad, led Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, release video showing 17 August execution of Turkish hostage.

15:48 Baghdad. Australian hostages: 24-hour ultimatum Kidnappers demand pullout of Australian troops.

15:42 Baghdad. Iraqi President cancels trip to Strasburg. Ghazi al-Yawar has cancelled his visit to the European Parliament because it meets in France.

15:28 Dohuk. Dohuk governor excapes assassination. The Governor of the Province of Dohuk bordering Turkey escaped assassination today.

15:19 Hilla. Six dead and seven wounded. The director of al-Musayib Hospital says a shootout with US troops in Hilla killed six and wounded seven.

14:59 Samarra. Two Australians and two Asians kidnapped in Samarra

13:54 Baghdad. US missile fired at Baghdad. One person was killed and anouth wounded as a US gunship fires a missile on downtown Baghdad.

13:16 Mossul. Canadian reporter released. Scott Taylor is released after being kidnapped 5 days ago near Mossul.

12:58 Baghdad. Usa imposes curfew on downtown Baghdad

11:26 Fallujah. Death toll rises to 16 after US airstrike. The dead are mostly women and children.

11:14 Baghdad. Explosion in front of French Embassy. An artillery shell impacted near the French Embassy, destroying two cars parked outside, says French Ambassador Bernard Bajolet.

11:05 Baghdad. Judge refuses appointment in Saddam trial. Judge Nueim al-Okeili refuses case "for personal reaons."

10:56 Fallujah. Death toll mounts in US airstrike.

10:37 Baghdad. Allawi, elections to be held in January despite violence.

10:12 Baghdad. Iraqi Health Ministry: 110 die in one day. Baghdad 37 dead; Tel Afar: 57 dead; Hilla: 3 Polish soldiers dead; Ramadi: 10 women and children dead in US airstrike; Fallujah: 15 dead in US airstrike.

09:37 Falllujah. US airstrike, death toll climbs. 15 are dead and 13 wounded in latest US airstrike on the city.

08:01 Rome. Italian politician Frattini leaves on mission to Arabian Gulf.

07:22 Fallujah. US airstrike kills six. Victims mostly women and children.


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