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Thursday, September 16, 2004

16 September 2004 Events in Iraq

22:23 Al-Anbar. Three Marines killed. Three US Marines were killed in a rebel ambush in al Anbar Province in western Iraq.

22:19 Fallujah. US launches attack on Fallujah. US military announces an assault on Fallujah in an attempt to wipe out Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi's militia

21:51 Samarra. Decomposing corpse found in Samarra. Dr. Hussein Alas al Din, resident at Samarra Hospital, says unrecognizable, decomposing corpse is weeks old.

20:10 Baghdad. French reporters to be put on trial. The kidnappers of Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot will by tried by the Islamic Army in Iraq.

19:29 Washington. Bush to Annan: "But there was a resolution!" Bush tells Annan that he must respect the UN Security Council resolution passed 15-0 that Saddam disarm or face serious consequences.

19:24 Baghdad. Abu Ghraib prisoner release. Another 100 prisoners were released from Abu Ghraib

18:53 Kirkuk. Syrian truck driver kidnapped. A Syrian truck driver was kidnapped on the Kirkuk to Mossul highway.

18:51 Baghdad. Hostage execution video. Iraqi militants upload execution video to web of three foreign truck drivers.

18:47 London. Allawi meets Blair. Allawi arrives in London on Sunday for a series of talks on elections

18:27 Baghdad. Al Yawar: "It's premature to talk of postponing elections". Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawar says talk of postponement of elections is premature.

18:10 Baghdad. Jordanian truck driver released. Jordanian Turki al-Breizat is released after his employer closes down business operations in Iraq.

16:24 Baghdad. Australian Shi'ite cleric kidnapped and releaed. Sheikh Mohamed Sidiyani of Sydney was kidnapped by a band of Sunni bandits north of Baghdad last week was released after his family paid a ranson of 15 thousand Euros.

16:22 Baghdad. Islamic site claims execution has been carried out. The armed group Ansar Al Sunnah says it executed truck drivers Abbas Moslem Nouri, Farhane Halil Kazem and Sabbar Hanach Akhmam.

15:56 Baghdad. Abu Ghraib, another 100 prisoners released. Iraqi Human Rights Minister Bakhtiar Amin presides over prisoner release

15:44 Baghdad. Embassies confirm kidnapping. The embassies of the United States and of Britain have confirmed the kidnapping of Americans Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong and one British national.

15:35 London. UK admits: "British officers involved in Abu Ghraib torture scandal". UK Defence Minister says senior officers worked closely with Americans at Abu Ghraib.

14:52 Baghdad. French Reporters to be tried on Internet. The group holding Georges Malbrunot, Christian Chesnot and their Syrian driver hostage will try the trio on the Internet.

13:52 Baghdad. Bomb difused at entrance to Green Zone. A car loaded with 1,000 lbs of TNT was discovered near the entrance to the Green Zone.

13:11 Erbil. Kurdish Leader Talabani: "Optimistic on fate of kidnapped Italians".

12:33 Strasbourg. EU Parliament: "Release the hostages." EU parliament passes motion call for release of all hostages in Iraq.

12:31 Baghdad. Green zone no longer secure. Financial Times reports that US military says security within Green Zone cannot be guaranteed.

11:21 London. UK Govt. to Annan: "War was legal and necessary.'

11:17 Baghdad. Explosion in Baghdad: 1 killed and 14 wounded. A powerful explosion caused by a bomb hidden in a trashcan in the Baghdad quarter of Batawin killed the owner of a wine store and wounded 14 bystanders, including 3 women.

10:49 Baghdad. Iraqi Interior Ministry: Two Americans and one British national kidnapped.

10:46 Baghdad. Kidnapped trio worked for service company. Three men kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents worked for the Gulf Service Company.

10:30 Mossul. Five Iraqi national guardsmen wounded in Mossul. Convoy sets off roadside bomb in downtown Mossul. One guardsman is in critical condition.

10:10 Baghdad. US Embassy tries to confirm identity of kidnapped Americans. Annan calls Iraq invasion illegal in Bbc interview

08:03 Baghdad. Kidnapped British are civilians.

07:53 Baghdad. Three British nationals kidnapped from residence in Baghdad.


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