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Monday, September 27, 2004

27 September 2004 Events in Iraq

23:04 Doha. Al-Jazeera reports release of egyptian and iraqi hostages. Qatari TV 'Al Jazeera' reports than an Egyptian technician, Ali Makar, and two Iraqi telecommunications engineers kidnapped last Wednesday in Baghdad have been released.

22:44 Fallujah. US bombings: "Weapons caches targeted" US military says today's airstrikes in Fallujah and Sadr City targeted weapon caches, claiming neither individuals nor structures were intended to be hit. We conduct these operations at night, when the streets are deserted. [Nur says, Bull Shit with a capital BS. But how gullible do they think the rest of the world is? Lying liars.]

21:52 Baghdad. US aircraft bomb Sadr City.

21:50 Beirut. Al Qaeda leader dies of heart attack in Lebanon. Ismail Mohammad al-Khatib was found dead in his cell. He is thought to have planned to bomb the Italian Embassy in Baghdad [Nur says, Twice Bull Shit...he was likely tortured. ]

21:43 Fallujah. US airstrikes in Fallujah. US launches nighttime raid on city.

21:20 Kuwait City. Kuwaiti Daily: "Negotiations show progress" Kuwaiti newspaper publisher Ali al-Roz says Italian hostages will be released tomorrow or the day after.

21:15 Kuwait City. Kuwaiti Daily: Hostages to be freed Friday" Italian NGO volunteers Simona Torretta and Simona Pari will be released before Friday, says Kuwaiti daily Al Rai al-Aam.

20:52 Ramallah. Arafat intervenes to free British hostage. Palestinian President Yasser Arafat has intervened to free British hostage Kenneth Bigley, held by a group linked to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

20:28 Baghdad. Al Zawahiri makes new threats against Italian hostages. Ansar al Zawahiri publishes message at dated 27 September says Italian hostage will not be release alive.

18:50 Strasbourg. Prodi: "I am counting on assistance from Arab countries." European Commission President Romano Prodi hopes Arab countries will assist efforts to win release Italian hostages.

18:05 Kirkuk. Oil pipeline sabotage attempt fails, 2 die. Iraqi Police Lt. Col.Mohammed Hussein of Kirkuk says two saboteurs die in an attempt to blow up pipeline.

17:16 Baghdad. Two US soliders charged with murder of Iraqi. Sergeants Johnny Horne and Cardenas Alban of the 41st Infantry out of Fort Riley, Kansas, have been charged with murder.

17:00 Baghdad. Freed Iranian diplomat gives interview. Fereydun Jahani gave a brief press conference discussing his imprisonment saying he was well-treated.

16:43 Balad. Two US soldiers die north of Baghdad. Two US soldiers die in Balad.

16:25 Baghdad. Moqtada Sadr will boycott elections. Moqtada Sadr will boycott the January elections says Sadr spokeman Abdul Hadi al-Daraji. We will not run any candidates. Nevertheless Sadr insists that the January election go ahead as scheduled.

16:02 Baghdad. British Islamic Delegation in Baghdad. The Council of Muslims delegation departs Baghdad after urging release of Kenneth Bigley.

15:41 Baghdad. Torture, court martial for Lynndie England. England to appear before military court on 17 January. The trial is expected to last until 28 January 2005.

15:01 Baghdad. Iranian hostage released. Iranian satellite tv "Al-Alem" reports that diplomat Fereydoun Jahani, kidnapped 4 August near Karbala, has been released by his captors.

14:51 Baghdad. Al-Zarqawi claims responsibility for dual attack on US base. Al-Zarkawi claims credit for the dual suicide bombing of a US base near Karama.

14:24 Baquba. Five Iraqis arrested in Baquba after planting bomb. Five Iraqis were arrested after planting a marketplace bomb in Baladrouz, east of Baquba.

13:59 Kuwait City. Newspaper Rai Al Aam announces hostage release. Ali Al Rooz, publisher of the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai Al-Aam says reliable source indicates Italian hostages to be released soon.

11:36 Baghdad. Saddam ex-general arrested. Us forces have arrested General Talib Abid Ghayib al-Lahibi for aiding rebels.

11:18 Strasbourg. Prodi: "We are hoping for good news" EU Commissioner Romano Prodi says hopes are up for release of Italian hostages.

11:07 London. Brother of Bigley demands Blair resignation. Paul Bigley demands resignation of Tony Blair for his management of the hostage crisis.

11:04 Mossul. 4 die in carbombing. Bomb explodes as Iraqi National Guard convoy passes by, killing 4 and wounding 3.

10:40 Baghdad. US troops KIA reaches 1047. Total Coalition deaths are now 1181.

10:24 London. Blair phones Bigley family. British PM Tony Blair phones the family of Kenneth Bigley.

10:18 Washingtn. Powell: "US Forces to enter rebel areas." Powell says US forces will control rebel areas before elections.

10:12 London. Paul Bigley: "My brother is alive".

09:13 Baghdad. Mortar fire hits police academy. No reports of casualties.

09:08 Mossul. Three die in carbombing.

08:10 Baquba. At least four people were killed in an dynamite attack in Khan Bani Saad.

07:59 Baghdad. US Airstrike on Sadr City. Hospital spokesman says one woman and two children are killed.

07:44 Mosul. Iraqi National Guard carbombing. Several are killed in a carbombing in Mossul targeting a police patrol.

07:12 Baghdad. Blasts heard in capital. Clashes between US troops and militants in Sadr City.


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