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Sunday, September 19, 2004

19 September 2004 Events in Iraq

22:31 Baghdad. 18 Iraqi soldiers kidnapped. The 'Mohammad bin Abdullah' Brigades threaten to kill kidnapped Iraqi national guardsmen if a collaborator of Moqtada al-Sadr arrested last night by US troops is not released.

20:16 Paris. Raffarin cautiously optimistic. French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin optimistic about release of French reporters held hostage in Iraq

19:22 Baghdad. 15 Iraqi soldiers kidnapped.

18:48 Baghdad. Video of decapitation of Kurdish hostages on internet. Ansar al-Sunna releases video of decapitation.

18:34 Samarra. Car bomb in Samarra, 2 dead.

17:56 Baghdad. Chalabi nephew resigns from Saddam tribunal. Salem Chalabi, a jurist trained in the United States, quits tribunal.

17:08 Fallujah. US Tanks in Fallujah, 4 are dead. US armored vehicles and tanks fire on scrap metal dump, kill 4 workmen.

16:43 Ankara. Confirmaton of abduction of 10 Turkish workers.

16:26 Zakho. "We have decapitated 3 hostages". Ansar Al-Sunna executes three PUK militants from the town of Zakho on the Turkish border.

16:17 Nassiriya. Jordanian hostage Alaa Thabet Lazim is released. Police raid in Nassiriya frees Jordanian hostage.

15:38 Hilla. Iraqi general killed. Police General Fadhal al-Bakri was killed in error by US troops.

15:36 Hilla. 4 suspected saboteurs killed. Four suspected saboteurs were killed by Polish troops in Suwaira, near Hilla

14:52 Samarra. Car bomb in Samarra, 1 dead, 3 wounded. An Iraqi soldier is killed and three US troops wounded in a car bombing in Samarra.

14:51 Beirut. Confirmaton of kidnapping of three Lebanese. Three Lebanese working for a travel agency were kidnapped on the highway between Baghdad and Fallujah.

13:49 Baquba. Diyala Province Governing Council Chairman wounded. Hachem Chehada was wounded in an assassination attempt near Baquba and his driver killed when four armed men opened fire on his car. Four bodyguards were also wounded.

13:17 Baghdad. NYT reports Saddam was in one of his old palaces.

13:11 Baghdad. Several Turkish truck drivers killed or kidnapped within the last 24 hours. Last night two were kidnapped while three Turkish trucks were ambushed.

12:56 Baghdad. Iraqi government refuses negotiations with kidnappers. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari criticizes the Philippines and France for negotiating with kidnappers.

12:48 Baghdad. Allawi confirms his determination to hold elections in January.

12:35 Baghdad. Car bomb in Baghdad, child is killed. A 4 year-old child is killed by a car bomb in the village of Tounis, south of Baghdad.

12:26 Ramadi. US offensive, civilians flee Ramadi. The civilian population of Ramadi is fleeing the city after US troops make incursion.

12:24 Paris. French hostages, no confirmation of release. The website "Mufakerat al-Islam" reports French reporters are released.

12:06 Fallujah. Three dead. Three men were killed and 2 wounded by US armored vehicle.

11:16 Baghdad. Two al-Sadr followers arrested. Hazem al Araji and his brother have been arrested by US troops in the Kazimiya quarter in suburban Baghdad. Troops used stun grenades.

10:49 Ramallah. Hamas says no fighters are in Iraq. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri says no Hamas fighters are in Iraq.

10:48 Baghdad. Three Lebanese missing and presumed kidnapped. Travel agency proprietor Fahdi Mounir Yassin and his employees Charnel Karam al-Haji and Aram Narbadian are thought be have been kidnapped near Fallujah.


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