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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

29 September 2004 Events in Iraq

23:00 Major US offensive against Samarra. US troops attack Samarra with air cover, conducting house-to-house searches.

21:14 Zarqawi claims responsibility for Baghdad attacks. Tawhid wal Jihad, linked to terrorist Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi,claims credit for today's attacks in Baghdad.

20:59 UN approves protection force for its mission in Iraq. 480-man contingent to be deployed to Iraq.

19:59 Pentagon, US losses amount to at least 1052

19:14 Rumsfeld, the guerrillas have a following. US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admits insurgency is growing.

18:51 Rome Prosecuter to review tape of hostage release. Tape to be examined for edits and outtakes.

18:48 Imam assasinated in Mossul. Rajeh al-Ramadani, imam of the al-Azhar mosque, was killed in a driveby shooting.

18:37 Abu Ghraib, 180 prisoners released.

17:55 Brussels. NATO, 3 thousand soldiers to train Iraqi forces. NATO agreed to deploy 3 thousand troops to Iraq to train Iraqi forces.

17:45 Rome. Mussolini, mistake to have paid ransom. Alessandra Mussolini says ransom should not have been paid because it "feeds" terrorism.

17:44 Kirkuk. Security official assassinated. Jalal Fattah Omar, the security official for Kirkuk, was found dead in the outskirts of the city.

17:21 Dublin. Sinn Fein, Adams calls for release of Bigley. Gerry Adams issues plea on Al Jazeera television for release of Ken Bigley.

16:20 Baghdad. Allawi says Iraqi will not be divided. Premier Allawi says he does not take seriously the rumor that the southern provinces will break away from Iraq.

16:13 Blackpool. Labour defeats motion for Iraq pullout. Trade unions lose vote on pullout. However, a motion affirming that British troops should stay in Iraq until invited to leave by the new government passes.

15:53 Rome. Rome prosecutor to verify existence of list. The Rome public prosecutor will verify the existence of a list prepared by US intelligence naming Simona Torretta and Simona Pari as spies.

15:47 Baghdad. Allawi says kidnapping of Bigley is "repugnant."

15:37 Baghdad. Allawi vows that elections will be held.

15:17 Rome. Italy to train Iraqi diplomats. The Italian government will train 15 future Iraqi ambassadors in a four-week course at the Institute for the Study of Foreign Policy.

15:13 Baghdad. Two Egyptians remain hostage. Two Egyptian technicians of the group Orascom are still in the hands of kidnappers.

15:05 Rome. Scelli, Italians on list of spies? The kidnappers of two Italian NGO workers, Simona Pari and Simona Torretta, stated that the names of the hostages were on a so-called list of spies.

14:26 Baghdad. Three Lebanese kidnapped.

14:22 Baghdad. Iraqi Vice Premier: The elections will be held on time. Barhan Saleh vows that Baghdad will take control of Fallujah before November and that Fallujah residents will vote.

13:49 Baghdad. Lebanese hostage freed. A Lebanese, Imad Bassila, is released.

13:20 Baghdad. Identity of 10 kidnapped employees: 2 Lebanese, 2 Indonesians and 6 Iraqis working for an electrical parts supplier.

13:00 Baghdad. Death toll rises to 42. Carbombing in Baghdad kills 42, mostly children, who were attending the inauguration of a water pumping station in the al-Amel quarter.

12:52 Baghdad. Attack on US convoy. Death toll rises in dual dynamite attack on a US convoy transiting south Baghdad. The dead include several children; 120 are wounded.

12:52 Tel Afar. Four Iraqis are dead and 16 wounded in a carbombing in Tel Afar.

11:51 Rome. Mother of Simona Torretta: "I prayed for the kidnappers."

11:36 Baghdad. At least 33 US soldiers killed. At least 33 are dead in a dual dynamite attack on a US convoy traversing south Baghdad. After the first blast, a second went off as US troops ran to the aid of their stricken comrades.

11:27 Baghdad. 10 are taken hostage. An insurgent group raided an electronics firm and kidnapped 10 employees, including 2 Indonesian women.

10:56 Baghdad. Carbombing at US base, 3 dead and 13 injured. Carbomb explodes at checkpoint of US military base killing at least one US soldier and 2 Iraqi police. The blast damaged a nearby tank.

10:31 Baghdad. Carbomb, 5 dead. At least five Iraqis are dead and 60 wounded, including four US soldiers and two Iraqi policemen in a suicide carbomb in Abu Ghraib in the western suburbs of Baghdad.

10:18 London. Bigley's wife pleads with Blair. The Thai wife of Ken Bigley implored Tony Blair to help her husband.

09:45 London. Straw: "Ready to listen concerning Bigley". The British government is ready to listen to the demands of the kidnappers of Ken Bigley but excludes negotiations.

09:17 Baghdad. Multinational soldier killed. A coalition soldier died from wounded received in a 122mm rocket attack on a logistics base near Baghdad.

08:58 Baghdad. Second carbomb, 4 wounded. Four US soldiers were wounded in a carbombing near a US base west of Baghdad.

08:00 Erbil. Kurdish group threatened Arabs. A Kurdish group has threatened revenge on radical Islamists responsible for the death of 13 Kurds and vowed to expel all Arabs from Kurdish lands.

07:00 Nassiriya. Police lose track of recovered antiquities. Nassiriya police lose track of a convoy transporting highly valuable antiquities recovered by the Italian contingent. The convoy disappeared Mahmoudiyah, south of Baghdad. The convoy, escorted by Iraqi customs officials, transported 70 cuneiform tablets, 12 finely detailed vases, and a large number of coins, bracelets and jewels confiscated by Italian troops.

06:00 Najaf. Shrine of Ali reopened. Talal Bilal, vice-governor of the holy Shi'ite city of Najaf, reopened the shrine of Imam Ali.

05:30 Fallujah. US airstrike 4 dead 8 wounded. Four people were killed and 8 wounded following a US airstrike on Fallujah. The Dhoubat quarter was bombed and one home was destroyed.


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