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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

6 October 2004 Events in Iraq

23:17 Tripoli. Gheddafi, "Iraqi resistance legitimate". Libyan leader Muammar Gheddafi says resistance to the occupation is a legitimate right. Resistance by the Iraqis to the occupation is a legal right, especially since the justifications for the invasion have been shown to be false.

22:56 Baghdad US bombs Sadr City. Sadr City, a sprawling suburb of Baghdad is one again under bombardment by the Americans. US military offers no confirmation.

22:55 New York. Oil for food scandal. Saddam Hussein paid a $1.2 million kickback to an oil-for-food official says the Wall Street Journal.

21:24 Washington. Duelfer Report: "Saddam did not renounce his nuclear ambitions." [Thought crime--Nur]

21:03 Rome. Fassino: "Why pullout? What's the hurry?" Opposition leader Piero Fassino defends presence of Italian troops in Iraq while awaiting the outcome of the US elections, the November peace conference and the January elections in Iraq.

21:01 Washington. Duelfer Report: "Saddam possessed no weapons of mass destruction"

19:27 Rome. Investigation targets recruitment of Italian mercenaries. Giampiero Spinelli, who works in Iraq as a security guard, may be charged with violating Art. 288 of Italian criminal code forbidding enrollment and use of unauthorized weaponry in the service of a foreign power.

19:05 Anah. Death toll rises in the aftermath of this morning's carbombing of an Iraqi National Guard barracks in Anah, 260 km west of Baghdad. 16 are dead and 24 are reportedly wounded.

18:49 Baghdad. Zarqawi claims downing of US aircraft. Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi and his organization Tawhid wal Jihad says they shot down two US drones over Haifa Street in Baghdad

18:31 Washington. White House: Report confirms Saddam menace. CIA says Saddam was a menace to be taken seriously.

17:59 Rome. Italy investigates kidnapping of Stefio, Agliana and Cupertino. US troops raid school south of Baghdad; two arrested insurgents admit they were jailers of Italian hostages.

17:40 Baghdad. Bomb found in Green Zone. The Green Zone is, in theory, the most defended and least accessible area in all Iraq but someone managed to carry a bomb into the zone. The bomb was found in a cafeteria and defused.

17:24 Rome. Italian intelligence says it had role in release of hostages Simona Pari and Simona Torretta. [Did they carry the bag with the cash?--Nur]

17:01 Wilkes-Barre. Bush: "The fallen Italians of Nassiriya are heroes."

16:42 Tripoli. Gheddafi makes plea for Bigley release.

16:32 Paris. Chirac makes call for French unity over hostage crisis while in Hanoi.

15:29 Rome. Allawi: "No truce negotiated with al-Sadr." Iraqi Premier Iyad Allawi confirms that no deal has been made with Moqtada al-Sadr to end combat in Sadr City.

15:10 Mussayib. Carbomb targets checkpoint at Mussayib, 50 km south of Baghdad killing one child and wounding seven guards.

13:30 Rome. Ciampi: "Europe must have unified policy in Iraq". Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi says Europe must develop a common stance on Iraq in advance of November peace conference. Ciampi also demands seat on UN Security Council for Europe.

13:19 Anah. Carbomb kills at least 10. Carbomb targets recruits in waiting line.

13:06 Baghdad. No agreement on Sadr City. Al-Sadr spokesman Abdel-Hadi al-Daraji says no accord reached.

12:55 Mosul. Kurdish tribal chieftan assassinated. Sheik Khaled Abdul-Ghaffour al-Bobordan, loyal to Saddam Hussein, was assassinated in the Zuhur quarter of Mosul in a driveby shooting. A bodyguard was also killed and another wounded.

12:16 Paris. French government says hostages may be in Syria. After meeting with Prime Minister Raffarin, French politician Francois Bayrou says Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot may be in Syria.

10:58 Baghdad. Chaldean Christians : "We are being massacred" On the night of 4-5 October, the home of a Chaldean Christian was invaded by a band of fanatic Muslims. Mazen Sako put up resistance, however his 10 year old son, Majed, was killed. Parents and relatives are in shock. The tragedy has affected the entire Chaldean Christian community.

09:41 Basrah. Bomb on bridge, one dead and four wounded. A bomb placed on a Basrah bridge detonated, destroying 2 cars and wounding four policemen and killing one civilian.

08:52 Washington. CIA report:no link between Saddam and Zarqawi

08:38 Baquba. Three Kurdish militiamen were killed in an ambush in Baquba.

07:10 US claims to bomb al-Zarqawi meeting place in Fallujah. [Guess he meets in every house in town--Nur].


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