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Monday, October 04, 2004

4 October 2004 Events in Iraq

00:03 Washington. Four US soldiers charged with homicide of Iraqi general. Four US troops charged in the death of Iraq General Abid Mowhosh, who was suffocated on 26 November 2003. The four are warrant officers Jefferson Williams and Lewis Welshofer, Sergeant William Sommer and Corporal Jerry Loper. Mowhosh was Iraqi Air Force chief of staff.

23:59 Baghdad. Nighttime battles in Sadr City. AC-130 gunships fire on residential quarter.

23:20 Kirkuk. Decapitated was 24 years old. Body found at Shorgat al-Zab, 80 km west of the city. Tahr Khodr Abdallah was considered to be a US informer.

22:33 Samarra: 42 foreign fighters captured. 18 Egyptians, 18 Sudanese and one Tunisian were captured in Samarra. It appears that Iraqi forces let rebels escape from the joint assault with US troops.

21:30 Washington. Rumsfeld: "The coalition continues to evolve"

18:32 Baghdad. Execution of Iraqi and Turk. A Salafist group, the Abu Bakr al-Seddiq Brigades, has claimed responsibility for the execution of hostages Ayad Anwar Wali and Yalmaz Dabja.

17:30 Baghdad, two US soldiers killed. Soldiers killed while on guard duty at checkpoint.

16:25 Mosul. Carbomb targets US convoy, one US soldier wounded.

16:16 Baghdad. Hostages: Indonesian women freed. Istiqomah binti Misnad and Novitasari binti Sugito, both from eastern Java, have been released.

16:04 Rome. Wali is executed. Italian authorities confirm that Ayad Anwar Wali, an Italian resident of Iraqi origin, has been executed by his captors.

15:41 Rome. Wali execution, family distraught. The execution of Ayad Anwar Wali, a 43 year-old contractor residing near Venice, has been confirmed.

15:33 Rome. Wali execution video. AFP has received a video in which an insurgent group takes credit for execution of Ayad Anwar Wali, 44, and Yalmaz Dabja, 33, a Turkish national. Group says the pair were spies, had contacts with Israeli intelligence and sought to purchase uranium and to assassinate Jalal Talabani, PUK leader.

15:22 Mosul. Ayad Anouar Wali executed.

13:06 Paris. French hostages: Cabinet to meet. Premier Jean-Pierre Raffarin presides over ministerial meeting.

12:05 Mosul. Carbomb explodes near elementary school. Bombing kills two children and three adults.

11:49 Baquba. General assassinated, bystander killed. Child is killed by shrapnel from explosion targeting Iraqi general.

11:47 Baghdad. 4 die near the Baghdad Hotel. 4 are killed and 20 wounded in a first explosion near recruiting station for Iraqi security forces.

11:02 Ramadi. Two Iraqis killed when homemade bomb detonates.

10:36 Paris. French MP: Contact lost with hostages. Conservative MP Didier Julia says he has lost contact with French hostages.

10:35 Baghdad. Blast in downtown kills one and wounds 12.

10:29 Baquba. One dead and seven wounded in blast in Baquba

10:27 Baghdad. Bomb goes off near downtown hotels. District is cordoned off.

09:46 Baghdad. Bigley traded to second group of insurgents. Sky News reports that Kenneth Bigley is now in the hands of a second insurgent group.

09:42 Warsaw. Poland will withdraw troops in 2005. Polish Defense Minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski announces end of mission.

09:30 Baghdad. 10 die in Green Zone blast. Ten are dead and 76 wounded in carbombing near Iraqi army recruiting station.

09:27 Fallujah. Women and children killed in US airstrike. 11 die and 14 are wounded.

09:14 Baghdad. Science and Technology Ministry officials assassinated. Ikhlas Ghalib and his assistant Thamer Abdellatif were assassinated in the al-Qhadeer quarter of Baghdad.

08:50 Baghdad. 8 dead, 50 wounded in Green Zone bombing.

08:44 Baghdad. Powerful blast in downtown Bagdad. Explosion occurs near the hotels Sheraton and Palestine.

08:16 Fallujah. US airstrike kills 11.

08:01 Baghdad. Carbombing in Green Zone.

07:23 Fallujah. Two die and nine are wounded in US airstrike on the city.


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