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A blog on the current crises in the Middle East and news accounts unpublished by the US press. Daily timeline of events in Iraq as collected from stories and dispatches in the French and Italian media: Le Monde (Paris), Il Corriere della Sera (Milan), La Repubblica (Rome), L'Orient-Le Jour (Beirut) and occasionally from El Mundo (Madrid).

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

12 October 2004 Events in Iraq

21:36 Baghdad. US hostage released. A US photographer kidnapped on Sunday in Baghdad was released. Paul Taggart works for World Picture News.

20:52 Fallujah. US airstrike in the eastern surburbs kill 10 Iraqis.

20:42 Fallujah. Marines and rebels clash. US drops 500-lb bomb.

20:20 Nassiriya. Portuguese soldier wounded in Nassiriya. Roadside bomb hits a MSU (Multinational Special Unit) on patrol composed of Portuguese Republican National Guard and Italian troops.

19:40 Baghdad. Employer staying on. Despite deal made with kidnappers to release hostages, the Turkish firm Vinsan will remain in Iraq, says CEO Ali Haydar Veziroglu.

19:38 Baghdad. Saddam undergoes surgury for hernia. Saddam operated on two weeks ago at Sina hospital.

18:33 Fallujah. Fires seen in al-Askari and in the city's industrial zone after US airstrike.

18:06 Paris. France will participate in Iraq conference. Jacques Chirac makes announcement in Hong Kong.

17:32 Washington. Rumsfeld requests more aid from NATO before January elections. Rumsfeld hopes offers of aid with the forthcoming in November's conference on Iraq. The US Secretary of Defense is attending a NATO conference of defense ministers in Rumania.

16:50 Warsaw. Poland has repatriated a total of 34 servicemen suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder since March 2003.

16:33 Baghdad. Caretaker government welcomes inspections. Iraqi Science and Technology Minister Rashad Omar says Iraq would welcome back UN nuclear weapons inspectors.

15:24 Baghdad. Execution video. Ansar al Sunna releases video depicting beheading of Iraqi informer.

15:23 London. British officials say Bigley remains unfound.

15:12 London Straw: Iraq War was was just. Jack Straw admits errors in intelligence reports but defends invasion.

14:40 Rome. Berlusconi: "I count on the wisdom of Mubarek for guidance". Mubarek on official visit to Rome.

14:24 Rome. Berlusconi and Mubarak: January elections in Iraq will not be postponed.

14:21 Rome. Berlusconi: Italian troops to remain in Iraq until democracy is restored.

11:57 Samarra. A man, a woman and a four year old child were killed in Samarra by a roadside bomb.

11:55 Baghdad. UK denies recovery of Bigley remains.

11:49 Baghdad. 150 Iranian prisoners released. 150 Iranians have been released and transported to Iran.

11:30 Ramadi. Sunni religious leader arrested. The leading Sunni cleric in al Anbar province, Abdel Aleem al-Saadi was arrested at his home in Ramadi together with his son. Another 6 people were arrested in various mosques. One Iraqi policeman and three civilians were wounded in the raids.

10:51 Baghdad. Bigley remains found near capital.

10:35 Basrah. British military command HQ close to blast. Bomb goes off 500 meters from HQ.

10:21 Riyadh. Al Arabiya TV threatened. Islamic Army accuses Al Arabiya of being the "microphone of the regime of traitors."
10:14 Najaf. Suspcted al Qaeda member arrested. Man with forged identity papers is arrested in Najaf.

10:13 Mossul. Official assassinated. A police official of the northern province of Nineveh, Abdul-Majid al-Antar, was killed by gunmen in the eastern part of the city. His bodyguards were unharmed.

09:46 Ramadi. Seven mosques raided. US troops raid mosques.

09:36 Baghdad. Ten Turkish hostages freed.

9:00 Andara. Kurd vows to defend Kurdish identity of Kirkuk. In Ankara, Massud Barzani vows to defend the Kurdish ethnic identity of Kirkuk but says other ethnicities will be protected.

08:45 Fallujah. US airstrikes kill 4. City bombed from midnight to 4:00 am.

07:37 Riyadh. Three killed in shootout with police.

07:23 Fallujah. Nocturnal US airstrikes. US bombs popular restaurant, al-Haj Hussein, killing four including two night watchmen. Another 6 persons including restaurant employees were wounded.

07:04 Baghdad. Sadr's militia turns in weapons in second day of arms collection.

07:00 Tokyo. Koizumi defends presence of Japanese troops in Iraq. Koizumi tells parliament that the action will bolster Japan's request for a seat on the UN Security Council.


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