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Monday, October 11, 2004

11 October Events in Iraq

The Conference without an Agenda

Disaccord surfaces over Iraq conference. Egyptian presidential spokesman Magued Abdel Fattah, has announced that the conference on Iraq is to take place on 25 November in Egypt. However, diplomats say the date is doubtful due to incertainty over the participants and their respective representatives. The Bush administration had requested a conference for October, however Egyptian President Mubarak had to remind President Bush that the date he had set was during Ramadan.

According to diplomatic sources, Egypt has yet to draft the agenda as participants argue over measures to be taken in stabilizing Iraq. "The agenda is extremely vague. Several issues remain to be resolved." Conferees include the caretaker government of Iyad Allawi, states bordering Iraq, the G-8, the Organization of Islamic Conferences, the Arab League and possibly the European Union.

Hozni Mubark left Egypt Monday for official visits to Italy and to France. Paris, which did not support the war, has reacted favorably the idea of a conference on Iraq but insists that in addition to Iraq reconstruction and the January 2005 elections, the meeting must include discussion of a timetable for withdrawal of US troops and the participation of all Iraqi factions involved in the violence in the country who are willing to negotiate.

France is lobbying for a change of venue to New York, possibly to UN Headquarters. But the proposal is not seen favorably by Washington. There is, however, concern over security in the Sinai peninsula following the recent resort bombings. [L'Orient-Le Jour, Beirut]

20:01 Ankara. Turkey-Kurdistan talks on minorities. Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani participated in talks in Ankara concerning ethnic minorities in northern Iraq. Ankara characterized the talks as satisfactory.

19:06 Kirkuk. Truckdriver kidnappings spark oil shortage. The limited number of escorts are available to Turkish tank truck drivers delivering oil to Kirkuk have been exhausted. "For the first time, Kirkuk is facing a serious energy crisis. Turkish truck drivers are refusing to enter Iraq due to threats of kidnapping and ambushes along the highway." explains Ali Sahin, Director of a local fuel company.

18:32 Mosul. A US soldier died in this morning's carbombing in Mossul which killed two and wounded 27.

18:21 Hit. Marines and rebels clash in Hit, mosque is bombed. Three Iraqis were killed as US forces bomb rebels. A mosque was hit and set ablaze.

18:12 Hit. Mosque burns after US airstrike in western Iraq. Heavy combat reported in the ciy of Hit.

17:27 Doha. Al Jazeera, Turkish hostage decapitated. Al Jazeera broadcasts video of hostage execution by Ansar al-Sunna. Maher Kemal, captured in a highway ambush between Mossul and Baghdad on 8 october 2004, admitted to being a contractor in the pay of US forces occupying the al-Bakr airbase north of Baghdad.

17:00 Ramadi. Iraqi beheaded. Ansar al-Sunna beheaded Lukman Hussein an Iraqi Kurd who worked for US forces in Ramadi. Hussein admitted to having participated in nighttime raids and arrests of our women, children and elderly by Crusaders in Ramadi.

16:54 Baghdad. Al Sabah reports 200 guerrillas killed or captured. US troop and Iraqi National Guard and Police have killed or captured 200 rebels south of Baghdad says Iraqi daily "Al Sabah". The arrests took place in operations against Latifiyah, Yossifiyah and Iskandariyah in which dozens of rebels were killed. Authorities claim 27 men of Jordanian, Syrian or Iranian nationality were captured.

15:23 Fallujah. Powerfuls blasts rock city.

13:44 Mossul. Two dead and 18 wounded in carbombing. Suicide bomber drives into US convoy.

13:13 Riyadh. Al Arabiya video shows Turkish hostage. Network shows hostage held by the group Tawhid and Jihad, which demands departure of Turkish employer.

12:19 Ramadi. Shootout in Ramadi between US Marines and rebels. Two Iraqis were killed and three wounded as US troops occupy several quarters of the city.

12:12 Mossul. Casualty count continues.

11:12 Baghdad. Al Sadr turns in weapons. The Mahdi Army of Sadr City is in the process of turning their weapons over to Iraqi authorities. National security spokesman Qassim Dawoud says guerrillas will receive a cash indemnity.

10:52 Baghdad. Bombing targets US convoy. A suicide bomber rammed a US convoy killing soldiers and civilians. The blast left a crater six feet deep.

10:16 Baghdad. Jordanian hostage: kidnappers reduce ransom. The kidnappers of Hisham Taleb al Ezza have reduced the ransom from $500 thousand to $100 thousand.

09:26 Baghdad. Two US soldiers killed. Two US soldiers were killed and five wounded in an RPG attack in Baghdad. KIA rises to 1,067.

09:03 Baghdad. Al Sadr militia ready to surrender weapons. Three collection points have been set up: The City Council chambers and two police stations. Rebels have five days to turn in arms.


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